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sugar in slimfast

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to ask if you worry as to the amount of sugar in a serving of slimfast?

I noted that a ready made bottle has around 25g sugar in, does this seem like a lot to you compared to a normal meal and do you think the amount of sugar may affect your weight loss?

Only asking out of curiosity as I don't know how much sugar is recommended a day. xx
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It has always been something that has bothered me as when i first started SF i read a post somewhere about how SF was way to high in carbs and sugar so i just did some research on this and this is what i came up with.

From the answer i got when u googled " RD intake of sugar" i got the answer of 40 grams and if 1 serving of SF has 25g then we are over by 10g per day after just having our 2 shakes.

Now on the other hand you do have to way up the pro's and con's and the fact of the matter is that you still lose weight on this diet even if your over on the sugar intake so in my mind i decided that the sugar really wasn't doing that much harm.


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Im a bi the same - I was/am worried about the amounts of sugar, especially as my mum has recently been diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic and I know that Im running an increased risk of inheriting it with being so massively overweight.

I felt the cereal bars were extra high as well and have one every morning for breakfast, so I swapped them out for Special K cereal bars as they are well lower. I also compared the SF snack bars (i.e. chocolate ones) with other Go Ahead range of products and found they were lower as well so I have a stock of both and flit between the two depending on what I fancy.

If your evening meal is healthy and low sugars then think it will be OK as you are not going over the daily amount as all your sugars are concentrated in 1 meal so think that's how it works - you need some sugars so are just having it in one go - the trick, I think, is to not then add to it at meal time.

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I have thought about it, but there is one benefit, that I have found. Because they are quite high in sugar, I don't often feel like anything else sweet throughout the day, they sort of fulfill the sweet craving!

Mel x
Thanks for your input and good thinking mel about the not wanting anything else sweet:D Thinking about it I have a really sweet tooth and was probably consuming as much if not more sugar than there is in 2 slimfasts each day anyway!! Will try to not think about the sugar and just focus on the weight loss, as long as the numbers are going down, that's what is really important to me :)

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