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Sugar is the enemy? Fat our friend?


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The whole idea that low fat high complex carbs is a healthy way to eat has been around for 30 or 40 years. The evidence to the contrary is growing all the time, yet the so called professionals still churn out the old advice.

Finally someone can see that the rise in obesity levels coincides with the rise in processed and refined foods and our increased carb consumption. Someone also needs to make the same connection with the corresponding rise in type 2 dieabetes. Zoe Harcombe isnt the first person to make this connection though, there is an absolute ton of research out there that points in this direction.

Fat isnt the enemy, insulin is the enemy. Carbs convert to glucose, glucose causes insulin to be released, insulin forces our bodies to store the glucose in our fat cells, converting it to yet more fat. Get rid of carbs, insulin levels out, and your body burns the fat instead of storing it. Its more complex than that of course, but thats the problem in a nutshell.

Also, eating carbs causes you to crave more carbs. Eating protein does not do that. And this is again all to do with the effect of glucose levels and how your body deals with it by producing insulin, causing the high/low glucose and insulin responses. Protein does not convert to glucose in the way that carbs do.

The whole low fat diet revolution has been around so long now that its ingrained in us to believe. Its the tooth fairy im afraid, and we need to wake up to the truth, and the real scientific evidence.

I have been dieting for 30 odd years, following all the 'good' advice about low fat diets, and all that has done to me is make me bigger and bigger, and type 2 diabetic to boot. Low carb eating was forced on me in May this year, and ive lost 5 and half stone as a result. 5 and half stone in barely over 5 months, somethings got to be going on.


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Lynn I am so getting this. I know I feel better, feel fuller and lose weight easily on a low carb diet, but still feel the effects of the brainwashing of the diet and food industry. As has been said if all the info we are being given has been right how come its not working for so many people.

I think a total revamp of my food intake is afoot again


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I tell you what Vanda, you have hit on one of the biggest probelms we face today. The food industry.

They have invested too much in the low fat belief, they make far too much money from it. Every single diet meal you will find in a supermarket is based on carbs. Why? because its cheap, thats why. The food industry could not afford to let us change our eating habits now. The turnover on diet food is $40 to $100 BILLION a year in the US alone (and that info is 7 years old). The food industry does NOT want this turned on its head, because not only are they profiting from it in a way that is unbelievable, it doesnt work!! so we keep going back buying their diets meals over and over again.

'No industry actually benefits from us actually eating healthily for a sustained period of time.'

Source BBC NEWS | Business | The diet business: Banking on failure
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Once I started reading food labels on the low fat stuff and realised they were replacing the fat with sugar I started to change what I was buying. I'm a type 2 diabetic too and added sugar is as not advisable.

Are you following any set plan Lynn or have you found your own way to manage things?


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Are you following any set plan Lynn or have you found your own way to manage things?
My doctor put me on Byetta for the diabetes as i wasnt getting anywhere with any of the other drugs. It makes me very sick if i eat carbs, hence i was forced into a low carb lifestyle. Its been the absolute saving of me.

Prior to that, the advice was complex carbs and low fat, and it never made an ounce of difference to my blood sugars. Now my bloods are normal, as is my weight :).


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Whatever is it you have been doing has obviously worked, you have done really well and great that your blood sugars are under control.

Good luck on getting that eternity ring :D
I actually have these diet books, and have given it a go. The main issue I have with it is she discourages excercise. I strongly believe excercise is vital for good health, so I that put me off her to be honest.
Oh my, this article lets me nervous:p I eat carbs mostly (I'm vegetarian, so lots os cereals, fruits, veggies... in other words, carbs, carbs, carbs) and I exercise almost everyday (hard workouts when at the gym).

Well for me it has been working the carb and exercise loading:p But I understand that everyone is different and for some it works differently:)

Whatever works for you keep up with that;)

(meanwhile I'll run awy from this articles, they scare me because I made the opposite, hehe)

I read it, and I totally agree with it,

LC (Atkins) worked/works for me.
I think a lot of being able to lose weight is understanding how your own body works and making sure you take everything that people are trying to sell you with a pinch of salt (hold the salt though)

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