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Sugar Plum Fairies


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hey Flowey, found the thread...easy enuf, getting easier to find my way about this site!!!
Just in from work and had quite a good day (day2). Plenty water and headache subsided early on which was a great relief (without painkillers too:D)
Think i've decided I prefer the soups to the shakes, the shakes are ok for the first half but was finding I was gagging at it the rest of the way!! lol. But trial and error until I get my fav's.
How's ur day been flowey??.xx


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Yes not bad. I guess I'm in theory on day 2 aswell after my ill weekend. I got a headache after our last chat which I will blame on you for reminding me (hee hee)
Very very peckish today. Just wanted to pick a little something. Didn't though and am still strong!
Booked a leg and bikini wax today for three weeks time before hols. Never had a bikini wax before and am very nervous, esp. as beautician is my neighbour!
But now I've lost 'some' of the weight am starting to gain some confidence back. I guess kids and weight had knocked a bit of mine. So not just weight going in the right direction hey!
How about you, good day?


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Aw sorry for the reminder, But it'll be all worth it in the long run!! lol!
Never had bikini wax before, but prob would consider once i've lost a good bit of weight and gained the much needed confidence.
Felt slightly peckish myself but just drank extra water to take the temptation away and seemed to work.
Where you off to on hol. Ive got 2 weekends away coming up in the next 4-5 weeks so want to shift as much as I can before then!!..x

From the other thread Flowey - I want to lose just less then 6st if I can and be a size 12 but for now I'm just going to take it a stone at a time.

You must be mad to have a bikini wax Flowey! I dont think I could be brave enough to get one done but a friend of mine in work swears by them.

Your so lucky to be going away...dont think we'r gonna get a holiday this year. My boyfs daughter has started school (she lives with her mum) so we need to keep some holiday time spare :sigh:

Where are you both off to? xx
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Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hi blossom, i'm off to Aviemore for my 4th wedding anniversary at end may with my hubby, then Tenerife for weekend with friends and family (all girls) for my 30th at beginning of june, so 2 weekends together really! so need to be really good until these, not sure yet whether i'll stop the diet when away or just do the ss+ cos wanna still stick to it as much as I can, I think if i came off it altogether i'd find it really difficult to get back on! But better to be a stone or 2 lighter before I go!


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Hey at the rate we are all going we will be size 12's in no time. Size 12 is my dream!
I'm off to a place near south of France (we live in France so about 3 1/2hrs away). Caravan park which is ace for the kids so we get a bit of down time.
So thats why I want the bikini wax. When I was size 18/20 I think a lot of my fat covered anything showing but last time I put a cosy on at size 16 (3kg heavier than now), I only just got away with it. There is an open air pool just in the town that is really cheap, so all the mums round here use it like others would go to the park, nearly daily. So thats what I keep thinking, everyone I know will see me in my costume again this year and I want to look different.
I've got 4 weeks until my hol and would love to get to 74.5Kgs which is 11 1/2 stone. Then I can do some more when I get back. Just wish I knew what size that is for my height. Am hoping 14 as am 16 at mo. Anyway that will make my losses 3 stone in total. So thats quite cool.

Are all you ladies well today?
Morning ladies!

Yeah I'm quite sprightly today despite only having about 5.5 hours sleep. I've been having trouble sleeping since I started CD and feel like I've had loads of caffeine even though I've not had any. Did any of you notice you couldnt sleep?

Flowey that sounds lovely! If your a 14-16 you'll feel so much better about yourself in your costume knowing that you've done so well to get where you are.

Hope you all have a good day xx


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Hi Guys, I found you yey!

I have been quite awake, the night before I started CD I couldnt sleep, think it was the anxiety. Now im sturggling to get to sleep and woke up 40 mins before my alarm and couldnt get back to sleep, feel gret though. Normally I have to drag myself out of bed.lol!

Flowey, I say go for it with the waxing business. I keep saying im going to get it done each year but have never felt confident enough. Maybe this year will be the one. Im sure you will feel great after.

Today is day 4 and im feeling fine, just starting to feel a bit hungry now and had a shake for breakfast at 8am ish. No headaches either and my furry tongue isnt so bad today.lol! :brushing teeth:

I am really positve at the mo and just keep thinking slim thoughts. :D:party0049:
I am full of energy in the day but at night I cant switch off. I'm used to going to being tucked up in bed by 10!

I think I'm going to plan to be considerably slimmer by Christmas, that way I'm not going to dissapointed if I'm not say a 14 by the end of summer. I just want to take each week at a time but I cant help thinking of enjoying buying clothes again for the first time in about 5 years! :)


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
I have much more energy today and have to say that i've been sleeping better since I started, not even getting up in the middle of the night and thought I would be after drinking so much more water!
So it's all good!!
Hi again, my ketostix arrived, did the test and the strip went dark immediately (moyen) for anybody who has them. Yey its nice to see my body is chomping up that fat.lol! Esp as everyday I have had a 500ml bottle of Coke Zero. eek! kept that one quite.

I just can see personally how Coke Zero will put you out of Lipolysis. I am studying medicine and learnt all about metabolic pathways last year. If you arent eating carbs/sugar of course you will burn fat. That was my thinking, some people said Citric Acid sends you out of it too so have Kept away from that but again im not convinced, as even if you have something that could trigger carb metabolism if there is no carbs present in your body your body cant live off fresh air so will burn fat. Id love to speak to a Biochemist about this.

Anyway, to be on the safe side, as i dont want to jeopardise my weight loss, despite my theories and education.lol! so have stayed away from Diet Coke and will do but I will keep having my Coke Zero a day unless I plateau. I think for me having that sweetness once a day has helped me through the first few days.

You probs all think im crazy, im not saying im doing the right thing or recommending anyone drinks what I do.When im off over the summer, like the sado I am I might read some papers on the CD, aparently its the most researched one, so there should be stuff on it.

What does anyone else think? Am I crazy? Anyone else got Ketostix? x


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They say if the strip goes too dark it's lack of fluid and u need to up your fluids. I have only ever got the faintest of pink tinges just off the buff - never medium. I guess I crave it (the dark pink) just the once to see I really am in Ketosis and its just the water diluting the result. Does that make sense?
I know what you mean, I did the test today and have drunk about 1.5 litres so far today so dont think im dehydrated. Ill drink loads more and see if it goes lighter.lol! Sorry to be graphic but its not like my pee is even dark, just a bit illuminous looking.lol!

I got my ketostix off of ebay, just under 6 quid. They arrived in about 4 days. x
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I got vvvvv faint light pink today on day 3 so will keep you informed of future colour changes on the spectrum of pink to purple.
Yes go on, drink drink drink and see if you can dilute it lol!
I have also drunk about 1 1/2ltrs today aswell??? I guess we are just different. Well done for the purple though!! burn that fat!
It is great seeing it change, and it went that colour straight away, thought I might have to wait a few secs, but any colour change is good and means you are chomping up that fat.lol!

Does anyone weigh themselves at home? My scales were exactly what the consultants were (and I know the are accurate from when I went to slimming world too). At the mo its great seem to be losing a pound a day, will see when I get weighed officially on Sat. Hope I can keep it up, I know the weight loss will slow down but im feeling great! Im in the zone and havent been for ages.

I used to be 15st 2lb and got to 13st 7lb with slimming world, but it took me since last summer. I should have gone last night fo my slimming world weigh in, I darent tell her ive left.lol!! So this week if I manage to lose 5lb I would have lost 2 stone so far! Fingers crossed! :p
I havent got any testing strips, think i'm going to have to get some. I must be in Ketosis by now though!

Wow Becky1983 you've done really well to lose that much already! CD should give you a push to get the rest off in no time at all!

My friends in work have said that I look slimmer on my face already which is brill!!

Keep up the good work ladies, we're all doing so well!!! :)
Its funny, I have already lost so much the first person noticed yesterday.lol! I think its because I have done it so slowly nobody noticed before.

Ive drunk another litre of water, trying to dilute them ketones.lol! Ill let you know what my results are like later. x

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