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please try again
hi leah lol

on sisters computer today so not technically back
little monkeys doing alrite, lots of hospital appointments at the mo
ive sadly had to switch to slimming world, been pre diabetic for years but its gone full blown and had a few hypo's one while at the shopping centre with just me and the wee one. waiting on some tests then will see if i can get back on cd.
how are youse doing?
OMG - you poor thing!! *hugs* for both you and delicious baby :) Must have been terribly scary for you doll.
SW is a wise choice, their red/green days are good to stick to, and i know it teaches you about making the right choice and getting portion sizes correctly so it's all good. CD gave you a good boost tho eh?

Ok, you might not be "back" yet but i'm glad to see you around hun. Thinking of you lots hun. Lemme know what happens to ya!


please try again
well leah as you can see by the bit on my signature i LOVE cambridge! didnt want anyone tryin to say cambridge caused my health probs, it didnt it was dumb docs arguing amongst them self who should be writing out my metformin meds, hopefully on wednesday i will get em back since my consultant has already wrote a letter to gp slamming em for ignoring his instructions for the last 3 years. what can ya do, lol

hope you doin well leah, will be popping in and keeping an eye on youse.
have missed the craic on here :)
Hope it gets sorted doll. Are you insulin dependent now?

Im okay - getting by (ish) as i have a LOAD of uni stuff to do. Bleurgh, day 3 of a restart too. This time i mean it xxx


please try again
you can do it!!!!!!!!!

not insulin dependant yet, diet and tablet controlled at the mo, had the hypo's while still on cambridge despite splitting all my packs ( yes i am that stupid )
( yes i am that stupid )
Lol, you are funny. You spoken to cambridge about it? Perhaps PM linda (cd counsellor) and get her advice?

I have to do it mate, refuse to be sweaty this summer. I have 8 weeks left of this "current life" (i mean in uni) so i have to take steps towards a new me right?

You keep healthy you - that lil gorgeous thing of yours needs her mama.

Love ya doll, keep in touch xxx

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