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Sunday,hour by hour

morning all, can't believe i am still up at this time of day but it is now Sunday.
Went to cinema last night with my litre of water, friend struggled through a small (which looks huge) popcorn and a diet pepsi! but i stood fast and made it thru the obligatory McDonalds after with the kids having only a black coffee,
Wishing you all a very successful day.
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Stubborn tortoise
Molly, thanks for posting the thread... was about to do one, only going to call it Sunday Bl***y Sunday. Just had the worst start to a day I can remember for ages... OK, nobody dead or anything, but very, very upset, angry, hurt & embarrassed... want to SCREAM. I guess I don't want to go into details but I am so upset... just feel so let down. I am drinking coffee and waiting to see if the urge to binge is going to hit, I REALLY don't want that to fight on top of everything else.

Today is gonna be awful.

Sorry for blurting (& not being able to say what it is) but I have to say something to get it out or I might just explode.

Big hugs coming your way. What ever it is it that is upsetting you food is not the answer. Please try to stay strong and resist the urge. How about trying to get through the ironing or clean out a cupboard thats been needing done for ages.
If you eat you will not only be upset with the situation but you will be angry with yourself for giving into the binge.
Can you take yourself out for a long walk to walk away from the situation.
Hope you feel better soon and theres always minimins to help you.


Doing it for keeps now!!
Hi Katycakes, sorry you are having a horrid morning...stay strong and we are all here to get you through your binge moments!!!!

I'm still waiting to go downstairs as I smell bacon from DH & DS breakfast....:eek:
PS My friend and I went to see slumdog millionaire. Good film but i felt that 15 minutes could easily have been cut out as it dragged a bit. The kids went to see Marley and me which they thought was great.


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Molly & Nell. Thanks... just needed a talking to & a 'imaginary' hug. Have just had a snuggle with 15 year old daughter who has made me feel lots better, she is fab. My son (16) is at work but he is good at the hugs too, so they will get me through. Cleaning cupboards/ironing would probably make me madder than ever - domestic skills not my strong point, but I DO have masses of work to do so will bury myself in that for a while.

You are dead right, food is not the answer, and I know that. Funnily the gnawing urge to eat has not hit, feel a bit numb really. Just drinking coffees and trying not to get too upset, as I know I will need to keep myself together for later on. Even if that numbness is just delayed reaction, it's good psychologically as I can tell myself I am beating the binge triggers. And boy is this morning a trigger.

Anyway... thanks honeys. I really want to see Slumdog, Molly. It's on near us and I think I will go... in fact might be the perfect cheer-up for the next few days, once the dust has settled a bit.

Hi all. Just about to get ready for a long day of work. Marking, grrr. :) Why do we set homework when it creates more work for ourselves! lol...

Looking forward to my shakes and a 100% day today.
English in high school. Have six classes of assessments, and another three classes of homework to mark. Argh! lol...

Just had my vanilla shake and, man, it hit the spot. Haven't liked the vanilla much before but that was sooo nice!


Stubborn tortoise
That sounds amazing... but a lot of marking! Good luck!

I am going out for a while to escape the lure of the CD peanut bar calling me from the kitchen... I am more determined than ever to be 100% today.

Morning all, I am going for 100% after a disastrous fri and sat. Had my weigh in on friday and only lost a pound, and i could tell my CDC didnt believe that I had stuck to it this week, which I had, and it had been such a hard week as well which made it worse.

So ashamed to say went home and drowned my sorrows, if it hadnt been such a hard week for me i prob would have been ok, not an excuse I know, but was the final straw with probs at home as well.
Sorry for the rant. One porridge and 2 pints of water down, back on track now..........
Hi Trace. Don't worry about it too much! Get back on the horse today - 100%!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Trace, having a foul day myself so do know where you are coming from. Funnily (not laughing though) I feel stronger for not giving in to the impulse to binge... if I can get hooked on THAT feeling, that would be something.

But honey, don't beat yourself up... tough times can send anyone into a wobble. The important thing is not to let it be a downward spiral... pick yourself up & get back on the 100% wagon. We can do it. I too lad a 1lb loss last week, hoping for more this time... I know form experience that it doesn't mean too much, just that our bodies sometimes take a while to catch up - the weight loss WILL show eventually on those scales, promise.
Having a hard day today so far-stressful baby who just wants to be held all the time(think she's teething) and OH asked me too cook breakfast for him!!Grrrrr,he just doesn't get it.I'm not craving sweet stuff at all.Just proper meals.I won't say what in case it sets someone off.I just keep telling myself I can have it but not right now.
Katy {{{{hugs}}}}
Gosh everyone is rather blue today!! :hug99:

come on! chin up everyone!!!!!

i just realised i havent drunk any water today, woops!:copon:



Stubborn tortoise
Thanks for hugs Rose, hope baby is calmer soon... hugs back again. xxxx
Still really jonesing on that vanilla shake! Had another one and it was just as good the second time! Mmmmm...
Three servings of the brilliant vanilla today. I don't think that I'll ever drink it hot again. Lovely!
I'm having a good day today so i'm sending you all hugs and vibes!
I have had loads of water and been for good long walk with the dog so my halo is shining bright.
Just now my tummy is going to rumble as i am so hungry and i can smell the lamb casserole from the kitchen so now its going to get harder.
Hope you all stay strong.

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