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sunday thread *hour by hour*


please try again
well since im not getting any sleep i thoight i would start the daily

my crackhead neighbours are having an all night party again. music on loud so my house is shaking, sad thing is thier mates got bored and left at 1.30am and yet there still playing the one song on loop and singing badly to it

i could have done with the sleep, had an accident yesterday so didnt sleep well with the pain
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Hi Claire,

Yes, what kind of accident? I hope it is not too serious. On Christmas, too.
How was your little girl's Christmas? Was she pleased with what santa brought her?
My DD was happy to get her light blue digital camera. She loves taking pictures... and now she can do so to her heart's content.
My DS (not so D) did not care for his big gift -- so, I am returning it. Yesterday, I bought him some shoes and couple of DVDs that he seems happier to have. (I had bought him the Tony Hawk Ride for the Wii... and he says that two years' ago maybe, but he is too grown up to play with the Wii. he is 18.) Oh well. Everyone else seems pleased -- and I am glad it is all over (too much work for me).




please try again
i was walking home with kaya from my sisters after christmas dinner, we were crossing a side road, she was in her wheelchair when we hit black ice, her chair went and landing with her on her back and my legs went and i ended up w sitting ( bum on ground, leg out either side ) bare legged in a dress so both legs are all cut up, swollen and bruised

im just glad i had her in the big wheelchair so the chair took the fall, if i had her in her active chair the back rest on that only comes a little way up her back so her head would have hit the concrete

she had a great day, lots of attention and people giving her presents, her idea of heaven bless her
her big present is a toy laptop that teaches numbers, etters, shapes etc, she loves it and im hoping it might help her learn these things ( shes fast approaching 5 with a mental age of 2 )
she has loads of chocolate, its now living in a large drawer in the freezer so i wont touch it
oh dear - sorry to hear about your fall. Black ice is one thing from UK which I really do not miss at all.
I hope your legs get better soon. try putting aloe vera gel on the grazes etc.


please try again
well 1 pack down and 1 litre of water and i have a lovely headache now but it will be worth it once im back thru the other side of ketosis and in shrinking mode
Hope you stuck to your packs Claire.

I have stuck to the packs today but had an extra one as I was so hungry. I hope I can get back to normal tomorrow.
Well done you guys on getting back to it. I didn't quite manage it, but I ate a lot less today - so I guess that's something. :rolleyes:

Hope you're feeling a bit less achey and bruised now Sumayyah - you poor thing.

See you tomorrow, folks. I'm really gonna try to get it right tomorrow!


Why Be Normal?
Hi Claire,

Sorry to read about your mishap. I am grateful that your daughter and you weren't more seriously hurt. How is the heat holding up?


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