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She's gone to Venice Beach, and you see a part where there are all these lads playing basketball. "It's quite posery here... All the guys have got their pecs out, all the girls have got their bones out!".

Bless her, she's really struggling. It's incredible, she's talking to other girls who are size 0 - 2, and they all admit that they hardly eat anything and it's difficult to maintain it.

How can guys be attracted to that? Wouldn't they rather someone a (UK) size 10-12 who actually eats when they go out for a meal? I don't get it - and how can celebrities say they are 'naturally skinny' when it's so obviously difficult to be that tiny!?


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I forgot this was on, Im sky+ so Ill watch it later :)


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Oh B*&^*(% - forgot this was on!!! Really wanted to see it as well.....I'll have to check whether its on Replay tomorrow!

Also missed the Posh Spice program on Channel 5 tonight! :(