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Extra Easy Superfree



Slow and steady...
I only do 1/3 rule with my meals. But in general my snacks tend towards to SF anyway.

I think you can snack freely on Free foods on EE. Can you imagine the faff if you had to 1/3 your snacks?!

I might be wrong..... hope not though.

I thought it was just with your main meal or you could add fruit to the end of a meal if worried that there wasn't enough superfree to constitute 1/3 - but I might be wrong there.
I am following the EE plan and I only tend to follow the 1/3 superfree with my meals. I have snacked on just a yogurt many times so go for it!
Thanks I wasn't sure so always had a little bit of fruit a carrot ect to make sure lol now I know I won't bother unless I need to
No you dont have to have 1/3 of your superfree as snacks as that would be unworkable - but they DO advise you to alway reach for a superfree snack first.

So if you want a snack, go for a piece of fruit or something else superfree first. If you still need something else *after* that then go for it, and obviously its OK to have non-superfree snacks - but try to stick to superfree ones whenever you can.

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