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Supermarket Diet ranges

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. I was just wondering what all your experiences are with Supermarket diet ranges. I know M&S have "Count On Us", Morrisons have "Eat Smart Diet" and Tesco now have "Light Choices". Have any of you tried these ranges? If so what did you think of them? I'm not really sure where to start - I'm trying Weight Watchers but the supermarket ranges are also appealing and I don't know which is better for me!
Any info would be really useful! Thanks, Is x:)
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Hi isobel,

I am a regular tesco shopper as I live next door to one (literally!) and have watched the introduction of the new healthy ranges they have introduced. Here's my thoughts:

There are 2 ranges: "Light Choices" (generally in white packaging) and then "Eat Healthy" ( i think?!) which is in green packaging.

Having spent hours in store comparing the various products, my conclusion is that the "Light Choices" in general aren't that light! Ok, so they do not contain quite as much fat or calories as the original versions of the products but they are definitely not particularly good! Comparing the lightest "light" ready meal I could find (chicken and gravy pie- basically chicken, carrots and gravy with a teeny bit of mash on), with a standard weight watchers ready meal, there were over 150 more calories in the "light" meal and much more saturated fat.

Looking at the "Eat Healthy" choices I was much more excited! The meals are made like you would make a proper meal at home, not just a blended mush of ingredients. I had the salmon the other day and like most of the other Eat Healthy ready meals (they also do Eat Healthy fish, chicken, turkey and products that aren't ready meals) it had a generous portion of the fish in a yummy sauce with nicely done and presented veg on the side (not smothered in sauce) and a couple of potatoes. It looked like a meal you would serve up freshly cooked on a plate with the only difference being it is sold in a tray with film over it to keep it preserved and make it suitable for microwave cooking.

In terms of nutritional contents, the Eat Healthy choice is much better than Light Choices as they seem in general to have a low cal content (especially considering a lot of them have really tasty sauces- Beef Bourgignon yummmmy and also they have plenty of carb-type foods like noodles, pasta and potato but yet the cals stay low) which I was really impressed with. The fat levels are also lower.

The only thing is, you get what you pay for. The Eat Healthy food is more expensive, quite significantly so, but I personally think they are worth it. The Light Choices are cheap. I have tried and a couple of them are ok but are very calorie-laden considering how little food you actually get in the particularly small trays they come in (in the Eat Healthyn trays they are bigger and you get more food for less calories/fat!)

Comparing with Weight Watchers I would say that the WW is probably better in terms of fat/cal content, but the portions are small (about the same as Light Choices) compared with Eat Healthy range. I also think having sampled most of the WW meals that the Eat Healthy stuff is tastier. I would say if you are concerned about money then out of the three I would choose WW, but if quality and healthiness is more important then the Eat Healthy is better,

(i am pretty sure its Eat Healthy- it could be Be Healthy but i dont have anything in the house to check at the mo!!)

Sorry I cant help with other brands very much- I have used M&S a few times which was delicious but not overly healthy compared with the normal supermarkets light options or WW.

Hope this is useful xx
That's really helpful thanks so much! I hadn't realised Light Choices was lower fat than Healthy Living (I think that's what the other Tesco range is called!). I wonder how they compare with the other supermarkets? Thanks again xxxx
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Hey isobel, i think you have misunderstood me- Light Choices is HIGHER fat than Healthy Living!!! the Healthy Living or Be Healthy or whatever it is (green packaging) is much better for you than the white packaged and cheaper Light Choices!! Thought i explained that.... lol never mind xx
Tescos low fat meals are great if youre doing WW, partly because they come with the points worked out for you :) Light Choices (the white packaging) used to be called something else and was in a Blue packing, what it was called I cant remember though lol

I like Tescos meals, theyre more substanial than WW ones in my opinion anyway! Asda low fat range is slightly higher in points but Ive found their meals are the best, and worth the extra! Its a case of trial and error really. Just be sure & take your calculator with you when ever you go shopping ;)
Bigger portions are always more tempting!! I think the M&S Count On Us range is similar, although it still seems to be pretty high in fat! Wonder if anyone's tried the Morrisons Eat smart diet range? Thanks so much for all your advice so far. x
Sorry to ask so many questions, but do any of you feel a bit timid about buying ranges that are obviously diet ones in the supermarket? Sometimes I have to look over my shoulder when I buy WW products to make sure people aren't watching! Silly I know but I guess I'm just a bit insecure about it. Better to have some diet food in your basket than cakes and biscuits though I guess lol! x


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value for money, i say the 5 for £4 tesco healthy eating ones - i have eaten a shed load of those over the past year. taste i'd say weight watchers, but they get a bit pricey.
I like asda ones too.

I love the tesco healthy eating beans too. I like them better than anyother beans out there!

No i dont feel embarrassed about buying them, and infact think you should buy them head held high, especially these days - it's cool and the in thing to be watching what you eat.
My husband goes and buys weight watchers bread, and he doesnt feel embarrassed by not buying a big manly loaf!;)

people go on about how ready meals are not the best, but they are so improved these days. i would argue that alot of peoples home cooking is worse for you.
i am a fan of the ready meal, the microwave is my friend :cool:

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