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Supertorcs diary

Day 1 almost over

Well I got through day 1. Hardest bit is trying to dodge social occasions that all seem to resolve around sit down meals.
I hate shakes so I ordered all soups. I can see myself getting fed up of them but so far so good.


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Hi there, well done for getting through day one!!!
As silly as it sounds you dont really get that bored with the shakes, they are so convenient to make!!! lol.
I find it a chore now making myself food, now that im refeeding. I would much rather be on just shakes haha!!!
Whenever you find youself bored or likely to pick at food, get yourself on here and the time will pass really quickly!!
try and have a chilled out weekend as your energy will dip a little on days 2/3/4 but keep on with the water and you will see some fab results in a weeks time!!! :)
Well day 2.
Today much harder. Met friends for coffee this morning. Found it hard to resist the goodies. Especially the smell of warm pastry. Went to shops then and brought a suit for work. Size 16 skirt fitted but I brought size 14 even though zip wouldn't go up. 70% off. Great bargain but hope it won't be hanging in my wardrobe indefinitely! Finding it hard to drink the water. I've only had 1 glass. Also brought an Easter egg for my daughter and it's up in the press and I keep thinking about going and eating the whole thing.. Must resist!
lots of luck,im sure that suit will soon be zipping up :)


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It is key to keep busy, make a list of jobs that have long been put off, and try and do something everyday, keeps you focused and keeps mind off food, and look this forum OFTEN!

It will be much easier a few days in, don't give up!:)
Yeah keeping busy very important. I struggle to drink the water though. Must focus on that this week. Had a meal out with friends Sunday night. Couldn't not eat ANd didn't want to answer awkward questions so j had steak and a salad. Felt very picky afterwards but went back on the packs.
Well I fell completely off the wagon . Have gorged myself every day for last 2 weeks. Everyday I say I'll start the following day. Just weighted myself after supper ov fish and chips and I weight 12 stone 5 lbs. I have my sisters wedding the 21st may. I wanted to be 10 stone by then. I'm feeling really down and a bit of s failure that I haven't been able to keep to this. Will start afresh now.
Weighted myself this morning 11 stone 13 lbs. Delighted that I'm going in the right direction again. Finding it very hard though. I think about food all the time and I've got a head ache today.
Still slogging away. Reading everyones diary helps. Day 3. TOTM this morning. 11 stone 11 lbs on the scale. I set a count down app on my phone. 39 days to the wedding and 25 lbs to go. Drank 1.5l water yesterday. Will try for 2l today. Was invited to a hen last night. I didn't go as I felt I'd give up and be back to square 1.
Wish you all the best. You seem to have done really well already..Water is the downside for me too, its just so bland, but sticking with it non the less..Good luck and anytime you think your going to give in, just think of the wedding and how good you will look in your dress...
Thanks elegni. I think most of weight gone so far is all the junk from last week. I pigged out solid for so many days . I even ate the Easter egg I had brought my daughter. Today was day3 and I must say I just wasn't hungry. It was a great feeling. I wasn't great on water today . But overall I'm feeling more positive.

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