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Hi all! Does anyone know what the role of a cambridge diet counsellor is? Only I've been on (and off!) the cambridge diet for a while and been struggling with it, and when started the diet I got the impression that the counsellor was to help support you when you're struggling etc? Or do they just supply you with shakes and stuff?
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They should be there to support you as well as supply, my CDC is available all the time via phone, text and email. I also spend about an hour being weighed measured and chatting about the diet and any issues I have.


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Depends on your counsellor...I only spend 5 mins with mine every 2 weeks...get weighed, get me shakes pay them and thats it. If you want a supportive cdc it's best to call them and see how they handle there clients:eek:
Yeah with mine it's the same, five minute weigh in and sort out shakes and we're done. Do feel though that I would do a lot better if i had the support that you've had kerry. Feel very on my own with this diet and difficult to keep motivated. Would switch to Lighter life if I could afford it as I've heard you get lots of support there but alas I can't, so thinking of switching to lipotrim?


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I am a cdc and I am there to support! Some people stay for 20 mins I have others that stay for over an hour..
For the initial consultation everyone is there for near enough an hour and then they come weekly and if they need me inbetween they message me or call me.
I am doing the CDC training in Dec and I will be the same, I think support is a huge part of CD I couldn't of done it with out my CDC she is fab.


Girl on a mission
Can't you find another cdc in your area hun, sure thats worth a try as think cd offers the best variety and taste out of all the vlcd plans:p?

I do have to say that if i didn't have minimins I wouldn't be able to stick with cd, i use this more as so inspiring, especially when you see people like curlywurly succeed:D and it's great if you are having a down day. x


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My CDC is fab and has sent me very supportive emails and texts when I've been struggling between weigh-ins. I couldn't stick with it without her. I know this for a fact because one of the major reasons I failed at Lighter Life was because of the rubbish counsellor.


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I would look for a new CDC if I were you. They are there to supply shakes etc but if you need support that should be available too! I know some people are happy just popping in to get weighed and get supplies but they should adapt to suit each client.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I wish I had as supportive a counsellor as some of you, I really think I would do much better if I got encouraging texts and emails, but ho hum... what can you do? Will definately look for another counsellor in my area. Cheers all x

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