Survived Day 1!

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  1. watsonnicole

    watsonnicole Member

    Morning All,

    Well I survived Day1 :D (just)

    Had the good old Soup of Chicken last night and I actually quite liked it. I made it nice and thick.

    The biggest con for me is this constant feeling of fur on my teeth, I can't stand it! Woke up this morning feeling like i'd been on the pop all night. I've already brushed my teeth 3 times today! Surely it can't be a good thing brushing 6+ times a day. Seems to get worse if I drink water :sigh:

    Tried the Vanilla this morning and had it hot which actually just reminded me of drinking warm milk it was actually quite a nice feeling being as though its freezing cold and raining here.

    I had a peek on teh scales this morning - Naughty I know but it's got me onto day2 so no harm.

    Onwards and upwards hey? Going to actually kill me tonight when hubby has his kids over and they have TakeOut Friday Film night! Might ask him if they mind going out instead. (meany)
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  3. msblonde

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    welcome and well done on day one!

    the first week is the hardest but so worth it if you can hang in there. water - yeah I know its tastes funny with furry teeth, but you need it (dont drink too much all at once though, keep sipping throughout the day) try peppermint tea for the fur, that helps, and the only mint like thing you can use on LT is those listerine strips (like little slithers of mouth wash) they are ace at de-furring!

    but - its hard to get them now, sometimes you can get them online. when I did LT the first time a few years ago, my pharm sold them with the food packs, but my new pharm doesn't have any.

    avoid all other mints though, there is something in there that interferrs with ketosis.

    well done again, you will prob feel worse in a day or two I'm afraid, but that is a good sign, as a day or two after you will start to feel great.

    so when you get that really horrible day, and think OMG I cant carry on, just think, wehhey! almost at the stage of feeling great, it'll get you through it.

    great that the wekend is coming up, hopefully you will get to the great feeling before monday (if you work that is) book a duvet day with a good book. on fact - you could do that while hubby is watching film.

    good luck
  4. Dunders

    Dunders Full Member

    I used to dread the weekends approaching, but they were never as bad as I'd built them up to be in my head, and on a Sunday evening, I used to feel really great that I'd survived another one, and had my WI the next day to look forward to. I keep telling myself, this is only a temporary thing, I will be able to taste food again, just not so much of it, and definately not so much of the stuff that got me into this situation!
    You can do it!
  5. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Well done for getting through day 1, the hardest if you ask me! I didn't have a really bad day before the good ones, I just got a real high on about day 7 and felt great ever since then! Just keep on sipping that water all through the day, all that running to the bathroom is just extra exercise!

    Even if the hubby and kids do have to go out to eat tonight don't worry about it, cos in a another week or so you will be able to have them eat in front of you and you to be able to cook for them too! It really does get so much easier after this first week. Good luck and stay strong!
  6. size10bikini

    size10bikini Silver Member

    Hiya, well done with day one. The first two days were my hardest and then one totm day and its been really easy other than that. Best diet ever, hang in there and yeah deffo kick em out tonight. x
  7. radical1

    radical1 Full Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    well done, furry teeth was really horrible for me too... its not so bad now though ,eased off... you doing great...
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    Well done on day 1... Im not on LT but I started Exante yesterday so know what youre 'going through' lol

    Heres to day 2 for us.... and ketosis soon!
  9. watsonnicole

    watsonnicole Member

    OMG.. I am finding today so hard. Much harder than yesterday! I NEED I mean WANT food! Will be OK after my tea at 8pm!
    Was awful feeding my son his home made cottage pie! I got through it without so much of a lick of any gravy!
  10. radical1

    radical1 Full Member

    Lipotrim TFR
    totally understand that - i went through a couple of days few days back where i could have eaten anything, i dont know where the extra willpower requiered came from but i just got through it and am now so glad i didnt do it... its a bad day, hurry up bedtime and then tomorrow is another day... hang in there.
  11. watsonnicole

    watsonnicole Member

    I will most certainly be hurrying up bedtime! Unless I feel better after my soup i am going straight to bed else I just know i'll cave in.. Come on willpower, Don't fail me now!
  12. Tinkerbellthefairy

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    Well done for day 1!!! You've decided to change your life and LT will certainly help you get there. The first couple of days are hard, but well worth it once you start seeing the results for yourself.
    Emma x
  13. radical1

    radical1 Full Member

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    you can do it. i felt exactly the same and dunno how i didnt cave...just distract yourself, Corrie should be good tonight and Big Bro if you watch it...
  14. XxAbbiexX23

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    You'll be fine hun, just think of your goal and why you're doing this. I've been having a funny day myself but I look at my son and think about the type of mum I want to be, energetic, able to run around with him and play when he gets older rather than having to sit out due to being lethargic etc.
    Stick in there hun, you can do it! We both started yesterday so if you need a chat, PM me! :) xx
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