SW and Alli......


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S: 15st12lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 0st8lb(3.6%)
I have taken alli before and i am lucky enough not to get symptoms - just wondering if any1 here follows SW and takes alli, and what sort of losses are you getting??

My first week was alli free but i may as well use up the 3/4 pack i have left lol. So, am starting today! I would like to lose the first 28lb quite quickly!

Any tips on mega fast weight loss welcome BUT NOT VLCD as i cannot do anyother diet than SW as i am a fat pig lol and hate feeling hungry!
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S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
You're probably better posting this question in the main forumrather than the food diary section as not many people will see it here. I've never tried it but for what it's worth i think SW is a good enough plan not to need any additional supplements. And I know it's difficult but really think you need to get out of the mindset of having to lose the weight mega fast as I don't think it's helpful to put yourself under so much pressure.