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SW burgers?


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I use, red onion, extra lean mince, salt, pepper, little steak seasoning, little mixed herbs, egg to bind.

Mix it all up in a bowl and then make into patties.

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You can add some seasoning aswell adding some lean chopped ham makes them tasty too!!!

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I also add garlic and mustard powder...yummy!


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I add some horseradish sauce if making beef ones..I know its syns but they are so tasty


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We had beefburgers last night.

I put in some worcester sauce, steak seasoning and some beef bovril and gave it a good mixing. I also popped a babybell light into the middle and cooked it slowly so the cheese goes gooey like mozerella.....delish!


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I sometimes crumble a beef oxo into the beef, I add oregano or grind BBQ spices on the top whilst frying. Also, garlic salt is good to add a decent big pinch of.


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re binding, did you know that you can bind with a few drops of water? Saves you a few cals and makes for a juicier burger! :D


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Pop a babybell into the middle, and create a cheese burger...yummy

Whoops, think sum1 already said that..sorry



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Eggs are free so I would use them to bind. I find my work better if I put the whole lot in the food processor ans give it a good ol' beating, then I have a burger maker/squisher from lakeland which compacts them nicely, so I get very little falling apart.

Its all in the squish!



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thanks for your suggestions, i used mince, orenano, lazy garlic, basil, salt and pepper and cooked them in the oven and they were sooo nice, really juicy too and filling. piled bacon on top and cathederal city light with some extra light mayo. beautiful!


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No you should really use extra lean mince otherwise it's no longer syn free.

I used the burger press from Lakeland for veggie burgers and ended up taking it back as it was a waste of space. Burgers looked greated when they came out but broke up when putting them in the pan or turning them. Looking at the online reviews for it there are lots of duff ones.

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Yum - having these tonight with cheese slices & wholemeal rolls! :)


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I made these for the family tonight, my eldest had her friend to dinner too, I made them with onion and a babybell light in the centre of each....they vanished in seconds and the kids had oven chips with them and I had mine in a wholemeal bun, with a little extra light mayo

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wow I've made the burgers before, but all the suggestions on here have given me some new ideas!

I love the idea of the babybell inside the burger. I mentioned that to my partner and his eye lit up so I have a feel that will be our dinner tomorrow. :D I also never thought to add herbs and stuff, but it does make sense!

I'll have a go tomorrow and let you know how it goes!! :D

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