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Sw calculator

Am I doing something wrong??
I have in front of me a Mark and sue wills Cumbrian hot pot from sainsburys it has 228 calories per pack yet I've still managed to work it out as 20.5 sins???
So if someone can point me in the right direction plz
Per 100 g. Pack size 300 g

76 calories
7.2 protein
5.5 carbs
2.6 fat

Puzzled x
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have you given it any free food allowance? For instance, has it got a good percentage for it's main ingredient listed on the pack that can be input in the calculator (ie meat or vegetables)?


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You must be doing something else wrong though - even without a free food allowance it would still only be a maximum of 11.5 syns so I've no idea how you are getting 20.5 syns. Can you talk us through exactly what you are doing step by step?
Lol I really am a plank I put the calories in for the whole pack and then I think I put the rest of the info as per serving lol I haven't got a flipping clue!!
Can someone tell me how you decode if it can be used as a free food?? What info do I need from the packaging??
I need an idiot proof guide as I have already demonstrated lol
It does say;
Potatoes 29%
lamb 24%
carrot 13%
Peas 9%
onion , gluten free flour( rice, potato tapioca, maize and buckwheat)
Lamb stock
Tom puree
Sea salt
Black pepper

Any the wiser girls cos I'm not lol done ww only and this is first stab at Sw , finding the transition a little bumpy x x
okay, select an extra easy day is your first step

then enter free food as potato in the green drop down box and free food as lamb in the other drop down box, because the two main ingredients are almost equal.

enter all the nutritional information which is asked from what you have provided in your first post and then input serving size as 100g, as the nutritional information given is for 100g not 300g, so that should then give you the syn value for 100g and you will need to multiply the syns by how much of a serving you are having.

So if you are having the whole pack, then multiply the syn value by 3.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks did that but I dont understand how it'd given me the answer of 1 1/2 on e/ e what about if there was a lot of sugar or something that wasn't a free food in it???
How do I know if I can use a free food element? Does it depend on how much of it there is? Is there a set amount?
Would it only qualify as a free food if it was at the top of the ingredient list????
Thanks for taking time to explain btw x


Strutting her stuff
S: 17st12lb C: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 7st5lb(41.2%)
BritMum explained about the free food allowance on your other thread so have a read of this post
MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum - View Single Post - How do u know if a food has a free value

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking in the first part of your post. Did the calculator say it was 1.5 syns? Is that per 100g or per 300g pack? If there was a lot of sugar or foods with syn values in it then the nutritional information eg calories and fat would reflect that. The syn calculator would take that into account and the syn value would be higher.

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