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SW caused my health issues according to doctor?

Unsure if this is the correct thread.
I've recently rejoined Slimming World after a long long break. I done very well last time and lost quiet a lot, quite quickly (I was not starving myself, I was simply following the rules, I even had almost 15 syns every day)

After a few months totally on plan and following it to the dot, I fancied a chinese. I ate a fair bit - nothing more than I would have before joining slimming world. After that Chinese I became really ill, they thought i'd got gallstones once I was a bit better. I hadn't. My eyes were very yellow and they now think my Liver is damaged, they are unsure how atm but my liver specialist asked me if I had been on a diet, I told her i'd been following slimming world for a few months and was doing well. She commented that Slimming World could have well caused my problems. I stopped following slimming world, and everytime I had something fattening, I was in extreme agony and again my eyes would go yellow. I had another comment from my doctor regarding slimming world.

I don't see how as i was following it exactly - but the one day I had a treat - I almost died!

I don't believe this at all, I think it was probably a coincidence but it's made me really cautious.

As of the begining of this week I am back on Slimming World and enjoying it. I'm finding it very easy again. But I think it does help that i'm scared for my life every time I put somthing fattening in my mouth!!

Anyone else experianced anything like this whilst following or soon after stopping SW?

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hi i could understand the doctor blaming the diet if u had done the maple syrup diet or one of the other extreme diets but cannot see how s/w would have done it as all the food eaten is healthy sensible food, i've only been on plan 3 weeks but have never felt better good luck :)
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I have never heard of this - I find it odd that SW can be to blame, unless you were eating a very strange combination of foods, or you had an underlying issue? To my mind, SW is simply encouraging you to eat a healthy balanced diet, so I would find it odd it caused this problem.
Yeah, I sort of shrugged it off when the specialist commented on SW, thinking she knows nothing of SW and just thinkings its another one of those typical diets. It's just when my normal doctor mentioned it could well be SW causing problems as well. It got my mind going and started searching google for such things as "liver problem slimming world" lol and came up with a whole lot of stuff.

Personally i'm sure its just a coincidence, I love Slimming World!!! and never before have I eaten so well. Maybe it was just a shock to my body lol


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I joined a gym recently and I was talking to the instructer about what I wanted to get out of the sessions. I said that I was overweight but addressing the problem with the slimming world diet.

He looked concerned and said you need to make sure that when you come for a gym session you are getting enough calories. When you are on restricted calories...... I put him right - but - I think most folk think only of weight reduction through restricting calories. I wonder if your doc knows about slimming world or is just making assumptions?


My belly this will be!
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Slimming world does restrict calories though, thats how you lose weight on it. It is a calorie controlled diet, it even says this in its FAQs
Really? I thought it restricted certain foods for instance if you are on weightwatchers you are restricted to a certain number of calories a day - but with slimming world you don't have to count calories etc - I thought this was one of the selling points of the slimming world diet?


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No, SW is a calorie controlled diet, the thing is you don't have to actively count them. All diets are calorie controlled as at the basis of all weight loss is the basic equation that calories out are less than calories in = weight loss.

This is why on EE you have one third of a plate superfree, which are very low in calories or energy density and you are encouraged to eat these, the theory being if you are full up on veggies/fruit you eat less of the free stuff which is more energy dense. thus you naturally limit your calorie intake without thinking about the numbers too much.


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Slimming World is calorie based - they just take the counting of them out of the equation for us, giving us low calorie but filling foods as free foods, etc.

With regards to the illness. Could Slimming World have caused it - not likely in my (non-professional) opinion. What it may have caused is your body not being used to fatty foods - and that's what's behind the reaction you get.

I've not had anything like what you described - but last time i ate a portion of chips - i felt ill for hours afterwards (just like a stomach bug/food posioning). I've since avoided anything like that again - except one Krispy Kreme donut - guess what - i felt ill within minutes of eating it.

Providing you are having a well balanced and varied diet - it shouldn't be causing problems.
have they definatley ruled out gallstones ? have you had a scan ? i have gallstones and am having my gallbladder removed in 3 weeks , and it sounds similar to your experience . the liver and the bile system are all connected , so I guess it is similar .
I read up a lot of this and anybody that looses more than 2 stone in a 18 months period increases the risk of gallstones / bilary problems , so it is not the diet as such but a risk factor in any form of weight loss .
Have they given you a proper diagnosis ? are they doing anything about it ?

I do love Drs .. they blame everything on being overweight .. tell you to loose weight .. then when you do .. they blame everything on your diet !!!!

hope you get it sorted
lol Determinator, that is very true!! They can't see a problem with my gall bladder, they did an ultrasound and it looked ok. My biribrium? levels are extremely high - they've been doing all sorts of tests and havn't found anything except raised enzymes (i dont understand much about it tbh) I had an MRI scan today, so will see how that comes back. The first doctor i saw was lovely, very suportive of my weight loss and assured me these pains were not down to me losing weight and to keep at it - then the next two doctors both told me to have a break from slimming world as it may be a cause lol... It really sounds like gall stones to me, but i'm no doctor!! and nothing now will sway me from continuing my SW journey.
I once lost 3 stone in 6 months and I ended up getting horrific pains when I ate something fatty. It was in the centre of my stomach and not at the sides so they weren't sure what it was, but it was gallstones in the end. But whatever has happened to you, it's not the Slimming World diet that's causing your problems, but the actual weight-loss.
I think it's strange that a doctor would blame the Slimming World plan, considering people who go to the NHS to lose weight are often refered to Slimming World because it is healthy.
Well anyway, I hope you get better!


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Bilirubin is produced when your red blood cells are broken down, its excreted usually in the form of bile.

Bile is produced by the liver, and stored by the gallbladder to break down fat when it is ingested.

The yellowing of your eyes is a symptom of jaundice, and its caused by having too much bile/bilirubin in your system. This can be either hepatic or post hepatic jaundice but it has to be diagnosed by blood tests.

The hepatic jaundice indicates a degree of liver problems, because the liver cant process the extra bilirubin floating about in your blood.

The post hepatic jaundice is jaundice where theres nothing wrong with the livers ability to process the bilirubin, but theres a problem in the drainage system, usually the bile duct being blocked by gallstones. So the liver itself is fine, its the gallstones that are causing the blockage and therefore the accompanying jaundice.

Any weight loss carries a risk of gallstones, as someone said above.
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don't know about medical problems, and I've only been on SW for the past 3 week ( 4th weigh in yesterday ), but I had some chicken kebab meat ( yes I did syn it on my diary.. :) ) last night to "celebrate" my loss this week, and 3 hours later it was making a quick exit if you know what I mean...


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Ian, did they ever find out what you had when you were in hospital a while back. I remember it being your stomach?
Unfortunately - not. And the pain has returned of late - including forcing me off work today (couldn't even sit in the car for 10minutes before it was enough to say that driving 40minutes to work was a bad idea). Hospital originally put it down to appendicitis which later turned to bladder infection. The consultant I saw in March however put it down to prostate. Find out if that's still true 3 weeks today when i go for check up - in the meantime - i'm back on the anti-biotics (as of today when i went back to GP) which seem to help. But i don't put that down to the weight loss - just the luck of the draw.

It's odd - now i'm all "healthy" (except one recently returned bad habit) - i've spent more time in hospitals and the GP then before the weight (but then i was always reluctant to go - knowing i was going to hear "you need to loose weight" from them. But as i say - it seems to be an infection - so can't put that down to the weight loss.


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I don't have anything constructive to say but I have had two episodes of horrific pain under my right boob since being on SW that I had forgotten about until I saw this thread. I wonder if I have a similar albeit less significant problem...

Anywho, I hope you are feeling better and get some resolution soon!!

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I had gallstones when I was 23 which is quite young and had to have them removed by open surgery before keyhole surgery was common. I was not overweight at the time. Every time I ate out at a restaurant a couple of hours later I was in so much pain I could barely breath. It turns out that if you eat anything high in fat if you have gall bladder trouble you will really suffer for it. It took the doctors a year to work out it was gall stones as "you cant possibly have gall bladder problems at your age" but it was. Hope you get better soon.

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