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SW Chips - how do you get yours to go brown ?


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As the title says really. I made SW chips for the second time today and even though they tasted really nice, they weren't exactly appealing to the eye.
I par boiled them for 8 mins then put them on a try, sprayed with fry light and cooked on number 8 for 25 mins.
What am I doing wrong ?
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I usually have mine in the oven for about 40 mins, maybe even a bit more, also make sure you are quite generous with the fry light, that seems to make a difference for me!


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I didn't dry them so will try that next time thanks


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wack it up to 9 and put tray on VERY TOP SHELF. enjoy :) xx
Yep, agree with this - also make sure you turn them over half way through, as I find the bit that goes brown is the bit in contact with the tray - so if you turn them over half way you get two sides of the chips properly browned at least :D
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After par boiling them, I dry them, fry light them, grind salt and pepper on and turn the over a couple of times spraying with frylight again if needed. I even sprinkle on curry powder on sometimes.
Good luck!


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I cook mine in the microwave and leave the skins on. Prick the skins, cook them for about 10 mins, then cut them into chips and spray them.
I found they were often a bit "white" or I boiled them to bits when I did them in a pan.
Because you add no water, they are dry and so brown more easily I think.
Emma xXx

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i tried them and they were really yummy. If you leave them in the oven for longer they will go nice and brown. x
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Tons of Frylight - about 20 or so squirts!

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I peel mine, pierce them and put them in the microwave until soft, then spray with frylight and a bit of salt and put them in a really hot oven and leave them until they are brown and crispy.


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I boil for about 5 mins, shake them in the pot so they crumble a bit at the edges (makes them crispier) then spray with frylite and put in the oven at gas 9. I find that using rooster potatoes makes a good chip, they are really floury x

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