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SW chips?

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Yes sort of, par boil your chips for 10 mins then put them in the overn with Fry Light until cooked. They are quite yummy x


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I tried these this past week and they were so nice. Tastier than the normal chips I must say!
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I salt mine after I spray with fry light mmm yummy
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i boil mine till soft.. as they crisp better and are soft on the inside then.. 9and dont take as long to do.. ) i spray with frylight (lots and lots lol) and then season with salt and pepper xxx


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I actually don't boil mine at all anymore, I just chop them up, skins & all, spray with fry light, season and bung them on the mesh chip trays you can buy, they crisp up lovely!


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Ohhh I love SW chips might have them tonight with beans. Julie where do you get mesh chip trays? Would rather not have to boil them first, do they make a difference?
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I throw my chipped potatos in the actifry, it is FAB, Well worth 6 syns for the EV olive oil too :p
Try this

I put rosemary and garlic schwartz over mine after boiling for 10-15 mins (makes the insides fluffier), then fry light and oven bake! Served with chicken wrapped in bacon or peppered steaks! Yum Yum:p


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i throw mine in a plastic bowl and microwave for 3 mins then bake on a high heat.
Thanks for the tip as I just tried microwaving them (instead of boiling) and then put them in the oven and they got done much quicker and tasted even nicer :)


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I always find SW chips quite tasteless - so it is all about the seasoning - garlic, paprika, chilli powder, black pepper - always adds flavour!


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Ohh I never thot to microwave them! Thanks for the idea. Going to make them tonight yum yum.

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Ah maybe microwaving is the trick to getting them more crisp and fluffy - mine never look like the pictures :eek:(


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I used to microwave them but now just chip them and go...seems to work better for me though they NEVER look quite the way they do in the pictures in the magazine! I think SW chips, bean and a fried egg is my favourite dinner! And it's good value too x
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ohh lovely ideas - i love making the wedges but chips sound lovely



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I tried the microwaving way - OMG, its so much quicker and they tasted better!!!! I did them for 3 minutes, sprayed with the buttery frylite and salted, pepered and a good coating of paprika. Couldn't taste the paprika but gave them a lovely colour. Actually taste like home made chips in chip pan!!!!!!! I love this diet!!!!!!!
i use garam masala with black pepper and lots of fry light and i mostly make potato wedges. put them in microwave first. BUT SOOO YUMMY with beans

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