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SW Consultant Communication?


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I really like my old consultant, she was always really friendly and helpful but I really didn't think her communication outside the group was as fab as it should have been.

Just for example I sent her a text on Monday saying "Just to let you know I am going to have to take a break from teh group at the moment - money is short and I am starting a new job soon so it's just not a good time for me. Hopefully I can keep my motivation going but thanks for all your support so far." I thought a would have had *something* back from her - even a quick text saying sorry that I was struggling but I would be welcome in the future etc. but I've had nothing!

Am I just expecting too much?
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Wee Doll

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no your only expecting the support that she should be giving you

never mind her get all your support here untill your back at class ... all the girlies here will keep you motivated :D



Now to maintain.....
no i dont think you are expecting too much.
i would expect an answer back of some kind to that even if it was thanks for letting me know.


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Could it be that maybe she didn't get your text?
Sometimes there are glitches. I know my husband has sent me the odd text I didn't get. On his mobile it shows as sent to me but I have never received them.
Perhaps you should give her a call to ask if she received your text. That will give her a chance to have a chat.


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Daisyboo, I would wait until tomorrow or later on in the week then if she still hasn't replied give her a call? You're not expecting too much! As malaika has said she might not have got your text at all or she could be too busy to reply - I often forget to reply to people because I'll somehow think I already have then I close the whole thing down and start playing with the apps or something and then before I know it I get another text asking if I got the first one lol.. could just be something silly like that!


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Thanks everyone. My mum goes to the class too but she is on holiday at the moment. Might wait till she comes back and then see if the consultant says anything to her about it?

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