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Sw for 2 weeks and havent lost anything!!

Hello Everyone, i am very new to sw, but so far i have tried to stik mainly to green days, however in the 3 ocasions that i've been to the meetings i've found out that i havent lost anything, however i havent put any weight on either, before trying this program i was doing herbalife for about 4 months i did loose 5 kilos, but now i just want to be able to eat, rather that to live on shakes.

After reading some of your comments, i learnt that red days are quicker than green, am i right???

Currently i'm 68.4 kilos i would love to lo loose 6.4kls, could anyone give me some advice???
Thank you very much!!
Gloria E.
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Hi Gloria, Its been a few years since I did SW, my thoughts on this is that green days contain pasta and potatoes, so its maybe the carbs that are refilling your glycogen stores??

Why not try red days for a week and see how that goes, also look for the S and SS logos, that means that it kick starts your metobolism and speeds weight loss.


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Hi there Gloria - welcome to SW :) I must admit that personally I have mostly orignal (red) days, as I find I struggle with wot to eat on green days, plus I love my meat, and I must say that I've lost a steady amount of weight on mostly red days - if I were you I'd try 3 straight days on red, then a couple of days on green, and see how you go, I bet once you do red days you'll have a gud weight loss. The best way is to alternate between the two, but most ppl I know who have done SW have said they lose more when they do red days, I'm not sure why, perhaps the body burns carbs quicker? Best of luck with it, and if you go on SW website you can get tons and tons of recipes for both red and green days - that's the hardest part, knowing wot to cook, and prepare your meals the nite b4 where possible, I always find that helps too - gud luck and let us no how you get on :)

Love Angel xxxx
Thank you very much for your replies ladies!!, i am also new to this site and i get lost sometimes, anyway i will be doing red days for a week and let you know what happens!!!,
Gloria xxxxx


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hi gloria!

well done for sticking with it even when u havent seen results. im pretty sure that would send many a weaker willed person straight to the nearest takeaway (namely me :eek: )

when i did SW I always had bigger losses on the weeks i did mainly red days. it can be more spendy but i used a lot of tuna, plain cod and i would have turkey rashers instead of bacon as they are so low in fat. i would grill tomatoes, mushrooms and onions and have a hearty meal. sometimes with an egg if i hadnt had much else that day. I know you can eat unlimited amounts but i always thought teaching us to eat as much as we wanted was irresponsible for learning portion control (for those of us who dont know when enough is enough...again namely me :eek: ).

my sister attended SW with me and only needed to lose 14lbs but had a really hard time doing this. she had mainly green days and only lost 2lbs in 2 months while being completely rigid on the plan. she was close to breaking point when she tried a week of red instead and she shifted 4lbs that week!!

i really hope hopping over to red helps.

thanks karen for the advice i imagine that my body is tryin to keep the weight i has become acustomed to! what i do notice though is that i m no bloated anymore! great.
do you know if i can include sainsburys be good to yourself cottage cheese with pinneaple as a healthy extra or as syns?
thank you again!!
Have just checked Syns online and you will be pleased to know that it is totally syn free :D :D So enjoy :p
oh!!! really, wow, i relly like this product, are you sure the one with pinneaple is free, if it is thats great news!!
Thank you for helping me with this angel!!!
Dear Angel:
thanks again for the info, i havent been behaving well with my diet this couple of days, i have been i bit stressed and.... anyway im sure you know what im talking about, however the days that i was being good with it, i felt lighter and when i weighted myself i did lose a pound , i plan to go back on track on monday!!, but tomorrow i will watch what i eat, its funny that i'm not a meat person, but im finding easier to plan my day with this option!!

I have to say that i find more support from this web site that from my group to which i go on thursdays.
Anyway thank you all for all your help, and for sharing this proyect of looking better and feeling better with myself!!
Have a great weekend!

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