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Time for me to be honest

Currently 5.8 kilos down. It's been pretty minimal effort to be honest, so I'm really happy with that. Still eating out often and pretty much eating what I want 5 days per week. Long may it continue! The 24 hour bp monitor experience was horrid. I was so uncomfortable and had a load of broken veins and blood blisters after the cuff finally came off! The healthy heart session was a bit of a waste of time - 'You're too fat and you need to move more.' Well ... It was nice, however, to be able to get on their scales and them see that I'd lost weight since I was last weighed there, so I was grateful for that. All my blood tests came back okay - I think they were surprised I'm not diabetic ;) Cholesterol was slightly up at 5.5. I've been to the doctor's this morning and the 24 hour monitor showed I do have hypertension - not that I think it was ever in doubt really - and has doubled my dose of Losartan to 100mg as the 50mg doesn't seem to have made much impact. I've got to go back in 2 weeks for another blood test to check my kidneys are tolerating it.

800 calorie day today. Salmon salad for lunch and some roast pork with cauliflower and gravy for dinner.
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S: 84.2kg C: 81.3kg G: 68kg BMI: 35.6 Loss: 2.9kg(3.45%)
At least by trying to lose weight you are making a move in the right direction, theycan fault you for that
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Weight does go up and down so much during a week so don't worry about it.

I try to avoid jumping on the scales everyday as much as its so tempting!

Half a kilo off this week - so about 1lb. That'll do. It's all in the right direction. I was supposed to be on a fast day yesterday but arranged to meet a mate for a cuppa, which turned into lunch. I had soup and a sandwich. Ended up not eating dinner later, so just had the one meal, and fasted until this morning, when we went out for breakfast. It's the first time I've had breakfast in six weeks, it was quite nice! I expected to be starving by then as I hadn't eaten for 22 hours, but I was surprisingly okay!
Hey! Newbie here, but reading this spurs me on so thank you! We can do it, and your smashing it!!!! :)
Aww, thanks :) I'm just really being a very lazy dieter and trying to make the smallest changes possible to fit in with my lifestyle! And with that, I'm off out for lunch .... :-D Good luck - what programme/regime are you following?
Fast day today. Only managed one fast day last week, due to circumstances, and I forgot to weigh myself the morning after. Have had a weekend of excesses, so we'll see what the scale says tomorrow. It's currently 1.14pm, and I have no desire to eat yet. My brother in law is coming over for dinner, and it's his birthday, and I have no plan as to what to make (thanks, husband, for inviting him and then leaving it to me to sort, grrr). I have a binliner full of yorkshire puddings sitting in front of me, which my kid brought back from work yesterday. I love yorkshires. Must resist!

I've got a blood test on Wednesday to check that my kidneys are tolerating a higher level of BP medication. I've had a few dizzy spells over the weekend, mainly when singing (it was a singing weekend) which I am guessing are BP related, but whether its because its still high or because the meds have brought it down, I know not. Will ask the nurse to measure it when I'm there on Wednesday.
Had a kilo on, and then off again this week. The coming week is going to be a write-off - it's my birthday and I'm out every day. I will keep up with the 16/8 bit but not the two fast days - and no shits given :) No weigh in either.


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S: 84.2kg C: 81.3kg G: 68kg BMI: 35.6 Loss: 2.9kg(3.45%)
Enjoy your birthday and then get back on track
So I didn't have too bad a week last week for my birthday - not that I've weighed in. I'll wait till the end of this week. I had a night away with friends on Friday, and had a late dinner and breakfast next morning, so that was the first break from the 16/8 since I started on 7th Jan. Ate quite a lot over the week as a whole, so I'm scared to weigh when it comes! More upsetting though, I had a check up at the doctor's this morning with regards to my blood pressure. I'm on the maximum dose of Losartan now, 100mg, and have been for the last 3 or so weeks, and it's still not come down. It's causing me some real anxiety, this. He suggested my weight is the cause, offered to refer me to a council run healthy living type service and even suggested bariatric surgery may be an option. My face must have been a picture - I was like, erm, I'm fat with high BP, you're not getting me on an operating table, I'll die! Aaargh. So for now he's adding in an extra drug and I'm due back again in 3 weeks to see if that makes any difference. Not enjoying this BP situation much.

Off to London for a meeting tomorrow, so I have a really horribly early start, so off to bed now. Hope everyone else is getting on okay.


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S: 84.2kg C: 81.3kg G: 68kg BMI: 35.6 Loss: 2.9kg(3.45%)
I hope you bp settles down soon


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Oh no hope you’re ok
scare-mongering wont help your blood pressure either :(
Hope your anxiety and upset goes soon so you can concentrate on taking control of your weight loss

I wouldn’t jump on the scales just yet, it won’t help your anxiety , wait until you have had a few really good days on the healthy eating

Chin up
Thanks Sammie and Tipperary.

I've been on the additional drug for the last 5 days and I feel rotten - lightheaded, fuzzy headed, like I'm not quite breathing properly. Ugh. Going to phone the surgery tomorrow to find out if I should carry on taking it.

Have had a shitty couple of weeks, to be honest, with one thing or another. Need to find a day to do some food - and life - planning and see if I can sort myself out.

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