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SW Mid Xmas/New Year class & SW parties

Who plans on going to it? Who always misses it? Who dreads it?

I always go, it's always been an awful result but I feel I have to go. This year I don't want it to be a 6lb shocker so I'm doing my very best to keep it to a couple of pounds at most. It's my mission this year to not be such a glutton!

Also - who has a party/meal in their group? We have a meal every year (completely non SW) and I love it. It's a great party :) and a lovely chance to socialise with the group.
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I went last year but this year I will be in Prague so its probably going to be a damage limitation exercise, so I will try and do as much walking and make good choices as much as possible.

We were planning on a xmas get together but the bad weather meant there were so few in class and we have not had chance to organise it :(
This is my first year and its a new group so there's not really a social organised, we will have a christmas themed taster night on our last class before Christmas, and for the group session the following week (ie the one between christmas and new year) our consultant realised there probably wont be many people, so she's going to run it as a drop in session where people can just weigh and go (or hang around if they want I guess).

Will defintely be turning up for all classes though - I like to use my holidays for actual holidays away, so dont want to be using them up on weeks just cos I might have eaten a bit!
This is my first year and I reached target a couple of weeks ago. We've got a christmas party on 23rd but I'll be in France for the 30th meeting, so will just have to try to be good and not undo the good work throughout the last 6 months!

We had our SW christmas meal last week and it was a lovely evening :) I was very boring though and ordered a side salad with my steak,had a spritzer and gave my dessert to hubby :p
I'll be going to all WIs over xmas too..although our class was literally deserted last night with loads of people taking WI holidays till after xmas now which shocked me.
I will be going to class as normal in between christmas and new year. I think I will need it to keep me on track!!

We aret having a xmas party due to our leader leaving last week and having a number of different temporary ones over the next few weeks x
We had our meal out (local pub) last Friday lunchtime. Was lovely, but I was shocked that I was the only one with "special requests" for the kitchen (ie lots of veg please and sauce on the side) - I do this everywhere I go, and most places are fine about doing it.

We're having a tasting this Wednesday, and our Christmas raffle the week after. And there is definitely group between Christmas and New Year, and I will be leaving OH in bed and heading off to it! It's either that or my planned "flexi syn" days for Christmas Eve (35), Christmas Day (100) and Boxing Day (65) will turn into me being off plan for good. Especially as my countdown runs out at Christmas (am hoping for cash/vouchers to be able to extend it without me having to spend!)
I am on a count down so as I have paid up front I will be going :))
Same, I've already lost a fiver due to the snow, don't plan to lose any more!

I'm not going to stick religiously to SW over Christmas, just do what I can without feeling like I'm restricting myself, so going to WI is going to be really important to keep myself on the wagon!!

We're having a Christmas meal, but I'm already going to a different meal that night, and one before. Two 3-course meals over two nights is bad enough, don't think I could manage three!! The SW meal is much later than my other meal though, so I shall pop along for drinks depending what time I leave my first meal :)
I will be going to all weigh ins too! We are having a little party on the Weds before Christmas where we can bring whatever we like. The raffle prize that week is an Actifry :D:D:D
I will be going to all weigh ins too! We are having a little party on the Weds before Christmas where we can bring whatever we like. The raffle prize that week is an Actifry :D:D:D
Can I come to your group please??????

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