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SW Nebie, tips and advice needed!

Hi all, I am a SW newbie. I have just had ababy girl 7 weeks ago and I need to lose 9 stone!!! I start SW on Thursday and need to go and do my weekly shop tonight.

What are essential food items you can't do without?

What are you favourite meals?

My problem is, I a not very good at cooking and tend to eat freezer food with chips (and I wander why I have 9 stone to lose!). I am really worried that everything has to be freshly made and with a 7 week old baby, it's easier to bung something in the oven.

Thanks for any tips and advice. I'll be here for the long haul and live in Wigan if anyone wants to join me in my journey. x x x x

Claire x x
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you can have mccains rustic skins on chips for 1 syn per 100g and they are lovely.

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome xxx
Hello and welcome. Congrats on the birth of your daughter :)

I lost my weight with ww, but started when my son was a few days old and have lost 9 stone, so I know how hard it is to be organised with a new baby! I did a lot of the prep at weekends when hubby was around, and often got my shopping delivered in the early weeks. I made sure I always had handy standbys that I could just 'grab' eg john west salmon light lunch (1.5syns I think), alpen light bars, fruit (I buy frozen to save waste, I was throwing too much out at that time!), yoghurts, crispbreads, etc.

I had actually done a LOT of cooking and freezing before I had him, so my freezer was well stocked with healthy foods.

If you just buy some lean meats then its easy to rustle up meat and 2 veg type dinners, eg pork chops, spuds, and veg. Or you can rustle up a salad in minutes, maybe boil a couple of eggs to have with it and tip on a tin of tuna, or lean ham or whatever.

Also I tend to make huge batches of tomato sauce (I blitz together tinned toms, peppers, carrots, butternut squash, onions, etc, ) and freeze it in portions. Then I just lift on out, defrost in the micro while boiling pasta, I then add some quorn pieces, or tuna or whatever. Very handy.

Other handies are - baked potato with beans, or tuna, etc - don't forget your HEA cheese :)
Beans/tinned spaghetti on toast
Mugshots/super noodles/pasta n sauces etc etc

I think theres a list in the syn section of convenience foods and their syn values - a lot are actually free.

Good luck xxx


Onwards and downwards!
Welcome! I used to be exactly the same, it is so much easier just to bung something in the oven and forget about it until the timer goes. I started back on SW last week and have been making a real effort to get in the kitchen and make things for dinner. I just searched the internet and found a huge list of recipes I liked the look of, all quite simple, and I've been trying a new one every night. I actually find it quite fun, and so far everything I've made tastes great! I appreciate though that it must be quite hard finding time to get in the kitchen and cook with your little one needing so much attention! Maybe things like pasta dishes and jacket potatoes on a green day would be quite easy. And on a red day meat with steamed veg. I used to have stirfrys quite a lot too. Hope you find lots of idea and motivation on here, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Good luck! :)

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