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SW Newbie!

Hey everyone,

I've been going to SW since October but haven't really lost any weight, so I've decided to join MiniMins for inspiration & motivation.
I had lost 9lbs but having put on 6lbs over xmas I feel really disappointed in myself and let down.

Im prepared to go full throttle now & determined more than ever to lose my goal of 2 & 1/2 stone.

Any wise words, advice, tips & hints are very grateful! :)

Love Katie-Jane
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You lost how much? I'm day three lipotrim!! I used to always google lipotrim and pcos and it always sent me here so I thought I'd join! I'm getting on ok, weird but I'm finding it easier that Craig isn't doing it with me! I suppose when we both moaned about how hungry we both were it made it worse!! Me Kirstie and rach had a weigh in at kirsties Wednesday night, they are both doing SW. Xxx
That's wkd! We are gonna do weigh ins every Wednesday night at kirsties, but it's gonna have to be during the day next week coz craigs got another gig in Norwich!! Feel free to weigh with us if u wanna!! I weigh more than both of them!! Well hopefully not aftery first week!! Lol :)
Aww cool, well let me know how your getting on, are you gonna drink for greenish? I hope so! I've banned the booze until then to try lose a bit! I might pop over one weds night, just for a gossip and catchup and to meet the little cole! Hehe!
Think I'm booking a holiday for July so really wanna lose the weight for then! We have to keep encouraging each other yeah!? If either of us feels naff and wants to cheat let's text each other! Lols

Thanks, I know I dnt know what il do for greenish yet, I need to lose like 2.5 stone and I know I wnt have by then so I think il see how much I've lost by then, it wnt be the same if we are all sober lol :) yeh pop over, like I said this week it wnt be at night coz I'm goin Norwich but yes you have to meet Cole he is GORGEOUS!! I think I'm in ketosis tho my mouth tastes like metal!! Speak to ya soon love xxxx just keep thinking of ure holiday!!! Xxxxx
Eww metal! Yummy! Ok next week i might pop round for a chitchat and meet bubba!
Well maybe set yourself a little goal of however much weight you want to have lost by greenish then if you've achieved it have a night off and a few bevvies! Who is coming?
Ive been so good, I did all my measurements and took a picture of me in my underwear!! Haha! Then every month il do it again and hopefully see a difference!

Yeh you will def see a difference, I was gonna take pic but forgot! Umm yeh pop round nxt week, yeh I think il set myself a mini goal! Ppl coming me you Kirstie Jodie Lynda Claire and panny! Xx

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