SW on a Tight Tight Budget, Is It Possible?


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Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before but forgive me as in new to this forum. i have been doing SW half heartadly for a little while now and it's cost me a small fortune (probably at the very least 2 weeks all inclusive to Jamaca!) I really need to tighten my shooping budget up, I just can't afford to buy food like i have been over last few weeks. does anyone have a budget shopping list and is it really possible to do this plan whilst on a budget without eating the same foods week in week out? Just now potatoes and green day's are my saviour but im getting fed up of same old same old and need to find new inexpensive food to cook and eat.
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Green days tend to work out cheaper as potatoes, rice, pasta and beans are all pretty cheap, and if you plan out your shopping carefully, you can follow the plan no problem.

Choose fruit and veg that are in season (therefore less expensive) and always buy fresh stuff - preprepared food tends to be more costly too. Check out Aldi and Lidl if you have them nearby. Their monthly veg deals are great. 39p for all sorts of different stuff. This month I think it's kiwi fruit (in season), spuds, oranges and er...I forget. Good though.

Shop around a bit - go to a couple of supermarkets or local markets to find the best deals. See what's on offer (and if you'd really use it!).

Herbs and spices are winners - stock up your storecupboard and you will be able to make different and interesting things that stop your tastebuds getting bored.

I think that's most of my advice for now!!! :)


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Make a great vat of fresh soup, a couple of carrots, onion, celery, handful of frozen peas, tin of tomatoes, some pasta and a tin of mixed beans. Add some water and simmer. It makes me 5 portions for hardly any money and does lunch for a week! Also try tinned beans (different varieties) and add whatever flavours you like, paprika or chilli is good. Risotto with peas and leek is a cheap and filling meal too. Hope this helps!


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I think it can be cheaper to cook in bulk and freeze (in the long term anyway). Buy a bag of frozen mince and use it to make lasagne, cottage pie, chilli etc.

I was finding it expensive too, spending about £100 a week (on family of 4). When I sat down and planned meals for fortnight, and made up stuff for freezer, I found I'd only spent £95 on two weeks worth of food! Much better. Takes organisation, but definitely cheaper, and nice to just pull a meal out of the freezer in the morning.

I will come back to this thread again to see if anyone else has any bright ideas too...

Good luck.


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if you buy turkey fillets instead of chicken, thats a lot cheaper.

plus there is a thread right at the top (a 'sticky') where people have posted good deals on sw food - like, at somerfield atm, four cans of beans for a pound!:)

Prob best doing more green days, buy a big value pack of potatoes and pasta and rice - and lots of veg and you will be set! you can do this on a budget, our first shop for sw was the most expensive, as we were buying lots of herbs&spices to make up for the ready made sauces etc. since then, to feed a family of four its not been too bad. but there again, my mum pays for it not me!! haha.

Were on a budget too - what we do is plan our menu for the week, and write our evening meals on a piece of paper, then all the ingredients for them. that way we dont jsut buy loads of crap, its set out what we need and we dont venture from it. look at the sw website, the recipe section, buy the magazine (theres loads of good, cheap ideas in there), and decide what u want for the week - keep it to mostly green days, and it shouldnt be too much!

good luck, let us know how you get on!!


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Just a thought... if you look at the student pages on the SW website there are loads of cheap menu options on there too!

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I agree with the others...Lidl/Aldi are just as good for fruit and veg and in actual fact it seems to last longer than Tesco's. I also stock up on tinned stuff - tomatoes, mushrooms, new potatoes as I cant eat the fresh ones quick enough!
Experimenting with spices also helps...food does not need to be bland when you are on a diet!
Bulk freezing is another definite cheaper option and so is planning your meals for the week. Have a budget in mind and stick to it...just because SW say that strawberries are a SS food doesnt mean you should rush out and buy them in the winter as they are almost triple the price!
Another tip would be to shop at certain times of the day. Hubby and I went to Asda at 7.15 the other night and bought loads of things that were reduced...80 oranges for 30p (bargain!).
Im on a budget myself and I have managed to reduce the bills from £180 a week for a family of 3 to £70 a week and Im sure that I can save more here and there from that! If I can do it...you can!!!
Can I suggest you read Martin's Money Tips too....fantastic advice for shopping budgets and finances in general...helped me out no end!