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SW on NHS?


Slow but sure....
You can be referred from your GP, I think you have to have a BMI over a certain level, and you have to show that you are losing weight to keep being re-referred.

There are a few on here doing it, so they will be able to give you more details.

Good luck with it.
I hope so, I felt a bit silly asking my GP to get the NHS to pay for it for me, even though he totally understood when he saw how much I'd lost since he last saw me and when I told him how much it costs! I've got to call someone at the surgery to find out if it's available in Wales. I can't see me putting the weight back on if I can't go to group but it will be a lot slower coming off.


Slow but sure....
No don't be afraid to ask your GP, they are only to pleased that you are committed to losing weight.

My daughter is applying in a couple of weeks, she has seen her GP and she has agreed to refer her, but she is on a 2 weeks holiday at the moment, so she said it was better for her to wait until she comes back.

Good luck with it. X


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I don't think they do it in all areas. You could try contacting SW direct.
It really does annoy me, he can refer me to a dietitian and an exercise programme and diet pills if I ask for them but not for a group which is actually working for me and anyone can see it's working for me. I'll know more tomorrow but if anyone knows of anyone in Wales who has managed to wangle it let me know. Cheers guys!
I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow I live on the border of two PCT's i know one does it but will find out if the doc's i'm under does it will let you know
my doctor does but wouldnt help me as my bmi wasnt over 30 but my mother in law got refererd from them and have few friends that have the vochures it is a scheme they are trying out but not all doctors do as my friend who loves 15 minutes down the road her doctors doesnt do it. xxxxx
They should be doing more than 'just trying it out'! This is the best kind of diet I've ever been on and if more people were referred instead of handing out the pills and creating stupid £ for lbs schemes this country wouldn't be in the state it is! Rant over, for now lol

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