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SW Online

I'm thinking of giving SW another go but I don't want to go to a class. I have just had a look on the SW website but the only option to do it online is £60 for 3 months.
I know £20 per month isn't too bad but I can't really afford £60. I think if they had an option to join for say a month or something more people would join, it must put people off if they can't afford it. :eek:
I still have the books from my previous membership at a meeting and they are the latest books too but I don't know if i can manage without having the syn calculator.
Does anyone else do it on their own and not online and still do ok?
Also if i did join online (unlikely as its £60) how much is it after the 3 months are up?
Thank you!
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You'll be fine without joining online, if you search the syn values section on here that should help and if you can't find what you need post a question on here, someone will let you know the answer :D

Good luck x


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st10.0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 1st9.5lb(13.54%)
I do it from home now, I went to classes years ago but I hated the pressure of weigh in day! Good luck xx
Thank you all, I think I'll just give it a try on my own then.
I know what you mean Becky, I have found that even going to class doesn't give me any more reason to stick to it, so I'm just wasting money and I think in a way I put too much pressure on myself for WI day and expectations of the consultant rather than just feeling I'm doing it for me.
Theres so much for me to catch up on, on here too, loads of good ideas and recipies so I won't be short on ideas.
Thanks again x


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You'll be fine on your own if you use Minimins. I don't go to class and thought online was too expensive too. I have the books and directory but if I need to know the syns of something you can use the rule of 20kcal = 1 syn for non free foods and foods with no "free allowance", or else ask here in the syns forum (use search first).
Thanks for that, I didn't know the thing about 20 cals per syn, thats handy to know when I'm shopping too. I just searched for something too on here and there were a few threads with the syn value - even easier than typing in all the info onto the syn calculator anyway!!
Thanks. x


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S: 12st5.5lb C: 10st10.0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 1st9.5lb(13.54%)
This really is a great forum Kat, when you decide on a day to weigh in you can even join one of the weigh in teams, some even do it like a proper weigh in and they announce the slimmer of the week!! And the best thing is you don't have to pay or starve all day before you get weighed lol! xx
Yes thats a good point, I can decide the day and time, I think it might be best to weigh in first thing in the morning. I usually do end up starving myself before WI and then only get to eat late because of the meeting.
Right! Thats it, I'm going to weigh myself first thing tomorrow moring and go from there - going shopping now, so will stock up on the essentials.
thanks x

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