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SW or WW?????

Hi there!

Have done WW on and off for years and it has worked for me but always seem to put weight back on. Need to lose around 3 stones a) for health reasons as recently diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, b) for my 30th later this year and c) coz I am sick of being overweight!! Thinking of giving SW a try but not sure how you can eat so much and still lose weight having been used to counting points for years!! Any advice on which diet I should do???????????/:eek:
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Hi Topper

I'm new to SW. I did WW for years and lost about 3 stone, but put it all back on :(. I recently did LighterLife and Cambridge but after great success, I stopped before my journey was done and put some back on. After struggling to get back on a VLCD I finally decided to give SW a try. I've lost 6lbs in 3 weeks and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

I love the freedom it gives and the fact I don't have to weigh or point absolutely everything. I found it a very odd concept - what, I can eat all that???? But it seems to be working and I also have 2 workmates who have lost loads of weight on it too.

Maybe you should just give it a go and see what happens!
I cant do WW, ive heard the diet is really good but im one of these people ...if i know i have used up all my points id be hungry and in the end have a major binge out!
Hey im 30 this year! and i refuse to be fat at 30!
However i have just eaten a chicken breast and kofte mixed kebab, i had to, ive had my star week for two weeks and i am really fed up and tired, back to the drawing board tomorrow!
I will be thin
i will be thin
i will be thin
i will be thin

Good luck babe we can do it together!
Ruthy xxx
Hiya Ruthy!

Just wanted to say the kebab sounded yummmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting my diet campaign on monday so would be great to do it together...along with anyone else who is ever in need of support!
We will be thin
We will be thin
We will be thin.........LOL!!
I know just how you feel re the whole points thing...have lost count of the amount of times I have gone to bed hungry! Having read lots of posts on this forum, think I will def give SW a go
Im with you on that one, you do go to bed hungry!
Im 30 in May and i am dreading it soooooooooo bad, i think im peter pan!
Thing is i cant wear the clothes that i want to wear and to be honest getting really fed up with the whole thing!
Im sick of not being able to go into shops that sell "normal" size clothes. Im a size 18-20 and find if i walk into certain shops they do look at you as if to say "hey fatty you aint gonna fit in any of these clothes" and i know they are thinking it when they look at you!....has anyone else flet this way. They if i go into yay olde faithful evans you get a warm welcome and they genuinly treat you like EVERY shop assitant should! God they know my name in there now cause i just love some of their funky knee high boots!
Anyways im planning to lose 7lbs this month !
Good luck
Ruthy xxxx:)
POO ! just noticed my spelling
I have to admit Ive been the opposite, with being able to use my points on anything I can honestly say Im never hungry. But then as far as Im concerned WW is THE best diet in the world ;) I found when I was on SW I just kept eating, it did nothing to help me with portion control.

Its all down to a personal choice, if WW doesnt suit you, SW is probably a good alternative, you can but try :)

Good luck whatever you decide.


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I have tried WW unofficially using my Nan's book and couldn't get my head round it. I hate feeling hungry so SW is fantastic for me. You can eat unlimited amount of free foods but they are very low calorie foods really. I am never hungry, can have my treats like vodka choc and crisps but am still losing wieght. Fantastic, it doesn't get any better for me really.

Good luck with whichever you choose! Let us know how you get on :)
I have previously done WW too, and it didn't suit me... what we all have to remember though, is that all these diets DO work, it's all about if we can work with the diets!
Slimming world has unlimited free food BUT you do have to be mindful of portion control <awaits to be shot> BUT this is the same with ALL eating plans.... Even naturally slim people have to be mindful of portion control because if anyone eats more calories than they use up, they will get fat!

Personally I LOVE slimming world.... I think this way of eating teaches you to eat healthily because of the amount of free and super free foods it encourages you to eat..... I would never have sat down to such a healthy meal before.....

Yes you can eat treats too.... and that is really important because 'normal slim' people eat treats too... The diet shows us how to eat these things strictly in moderation < as they should be eaten>

What we have to do, is work out where are strengths are and use the plan that works best 'with' us.... Remember though it doesn't matter which plan we have as long as it's a nutritious and helthy plan.... as long as we really want to be slim... and DO THE PLAN properly, we will ultimately lose weight!!!!

Good luck with your weight loss journey!

Anne x
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I have done ww on and off for years as well and lost 2 stone that I have kept off for quite some time so it does work, but unless you do core, you do end up being hungry some days. It was hard for me to get my head around sw after doing ww for years and couldn't understand the amount of food I was able to eat, but am much happier on sw to be honest, and don't ever have to be hungry


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