SW Recipes & Ideas


biker babe!
Does anyone have any good recipies or ideas they would like to share - original or green days.
Im running out of good ideas for pack up and tea!
Also i need to know what to do with couscous! LOL
AND ive bought a great new spice rack filled with loads of goodies......just need to know what to do with them!!!
Im hopeless!
Hiya Keelie
when I did sw a few weeks ago, I made this which was scrummy - is very easy to do, I'm not much of a cook either! Basically it's just roasted vegetables - Peppers, onions and musherooms - plus whatever else you want to add, just cut them up, spray the bottom of a roasting tin with fry light and then spray some of top of the veggies and stick em in the oven! Not sure what you'd want to have them with, maybe some sin free chips... or seing as they are free veggies you could have em with some chicken or something!!

Was really tasty, especially after not eating for sooo long!!

there is a support board on iVillage.co.uk: The website for women for slimming world, you may get more idea's there.. good luck!