SW- rules fat free or sugar free.. confused HELP!

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Hi all, on SW and doing g well, but I'm really struggling with the difference between sugar free and fat free on slimming world and calculating syn values (mainly with jelly and Yoghurt). I know as a rule of thumb, 20 calories is about 1 syn... but if something is fat free but still has calories... would it be Free... such as yoghurt? And vice versa, if its sugar free but has a fat count... would that be Free? I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but it's really confusing me! Is it something to do with the way it is made? Processed? Any help would be great, Thanks so much!!
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I honestly don't know how SW officially work out syns but I do know (from a clean-eating point of view) that neither fat-free OR sugar-free are particularly healthy. Fat-free often has lots of sugar added and sugar-free has tons of artificial sweeteners added. From a SW perspective I "think" sugar seems to be worse than fats but I really don't know for sure and I don't think they have a generic "20 kcal = 1 syn" rule as it would depend on what food it was. Your best best is to use the syn calculators on the SW website (see below). The "syns online" would be great for branded yogurts etc. The "snackulater" for the sort of things they've listed and the "syns calculator" for anything where you have the full nutrition breakdown.



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Just because it's fat free or sugar free does mean a food will be free.

Some fat free yogurts have syns cos they're full of sugar to make them taste better. Things like sugar free jelly also have syns.

Like wolf says if in doubt always check the book or online for the syns of something.