SW rules?

From looking at various diets I have decided I really like the look of slimming world, not a great time to start a diet I know. I can't afford to go to the classes so im gonna do it from home. But I really need to be pointed in the right direction for the green and red day rules. I have done a search and cannot find a website that shows everything I need to know.

If anyone can help or recommend a good site I would be very grateful.

Thanks guys
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hello and welcome, you wont find a website that explains it as thats what people pay to find out, either by attending class or joining online. good luck with it x


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You will need more than just a bit of information tbh! You can buy the food opt books from Ebay but you have to be strong willed! I can't do it by myself I have to go to weigh-ins.

Red days - basically you eat lean meats and weigh your potatoes and pasta, green day - you eat potatoes pasta and rice then weigh meats. On top of that you can have 2 healthy A's which are weighed, these are milk and cheese. Then you can have 2 healthy B's which on a red day are your carbs and green day are meats or cheese. You can then have upto 15 syns a day, which is for sauces dressings crisps chocolate and alcohol.

I would say you need to go to group or join online, hop his helps you, although it does sound complicated it's not once you get into it :)


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first of all welcome to the forum!

the best way of getting a good grasp of slimming world, and i know you have just said you dont want to do this, is to join a class. you arent tied in so if you want all the books and you want it to be explained properly by a trained proffesional join group which will cost about 14.50 max if there arent any offers on (i THINK theres £5 off in womans own next week/month)

you dont have to go back but this will be the cheapest and easiest option for you as joining online is expensive and there isnt much one on one explaining things.

you will need the basic books so you can work out syn values
Thank you for your replies and help. I will consider going to the first class to get all the info. Its also nice to have all the support from the members on this site.


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Just buy the books on Ebay if you're not sure.

Green days - unlimited pasta, potatoes, fruit, veg, baked beans etc
Red days - unlimited fish, meat, fruit, veg

Each day 2 'healthy extra' A choices and 2 'healthy extra' B choices

1 HEXA = 330ml skimmed milk, 250ml semi-skimmed, 42g low fat cheese
1 HEXB = very small amount of bran flakes, various fibre bars, 1/2 tin beans, small potato, tin of tuna

Syns = 5-15 per day. One glass of medium wine is about 5 syns. A tablespoon of most ketchups is 1-2 syns. A curly wurly is about 7 syns! Single vodka 2.5 syns.

Diet drinks and water at any time unlimited.

A new plan is coming out in January called Extra Easy which is all the free food from red and green days unlimited, but only one HEXA and one HEXB. Usual 5-15 syns.

It is easier to go to a class to get it all explained, but you can always ask questions on here - there are many here who do not attend groups. Or buy the books on Ebay. Good luck with it all.



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i know 5 pound a week seems alot but think how much money u spend on junk plus i think slimming world diet saves u money on food in my exprience esp green days. sometimes in the new year to u can get free membership.
but if not you can buy the books on ebay or there might even be some on readit swap it.
personally i can't do it without class


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personally i have to agree i have signed up to my second countdown - v skint when joined so just did the 5 week one where you get 6 for price of 5. have bought a 10 wk one and you get 12 for price of 10


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I'm another advocate for going to class. I find the tips you pick up from other members are worth the fee alone, and there is always someone to hlep you with any question you may have. I also think - well for me - its knowing I am going to get weighed every week that keeps me on track
Well Im gonna start the diet tomorow. Xmas is gonna be hard so I may have to have a few days break and seriously start next weekend. Anyway I shall see how I get on without the classes, just posting things on here and getting lots of supoort and advice from members.
Thanx for all you tips guys.