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sw scales


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
are these connected to the website so they know how much you have gained or lost before you record it or is the webite independant ? Just wondered as i am thinking of doing my sw journey from home just going to class and getting password , hi-fi bars , etc might have more luck at going down instead of up !
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It is an independant thing Hun...you have to enter your weight each week yourself.
No, they are not connected to the website at all. Those on the digital system, all the weights are recorded and I guess uploaded to SW HQ - on the paper system, the consultant has to send group weekly losses in to HQ.

Why do you think not staying to class will help you lose hun? TBH, those who do stay get the support from the class that you pay for and this does/can result in better and more consistant losses.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i go to a home group (church) on a tue night and it starts at 7.45 class is on till 7.30 .if i could get away with going to see what passsword is and leaving again i would but i would prob get in trouble! even though i might stay till about quater past or so. my c i nice she is looking at my diary to see why my weight is going up and down .
Err.... I think that would be a little naughty and I reckon someone would shout up at the group!!

Our group finishes at 6.45 and we have people who leave 15 mins or so earlier due to other commitments. The consultant just does those people earlier in Image Therapy.

Isn't there another group?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I know alot of people weigh in and go and if you're paying then you're entitled to the password, however it's the Image therapy that really keeps you on track, and you build up a network connection with the people that are there. It's not just going through the weightlosses. If you do it online then you don't need the weekly password. If you find out the password and your not paying they will catch up!

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