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SW Target

You can give it a damn good try, there's no reason you can't - you will have to follow food optimising to the letter of course :) x


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I think it is possible, for some, but SW is a journey for life and not a race.
I suggest give it your best shot and be happy that you are lighter at that date, be it 1 stone, 2 or 4!
Good luck... it's great reaching for the moon but it's just as great catching a star on the way!
Thanks :)

I want to lose as much as possible by then as it's when I go to have my wedding dress fitted so had hoped to be near the size I want to be. I would love to be a size 12 by then. Currently a size 18 bottoms and 14/16 on top.

I joined a group last Wednesday and I am going to give it my all and no doubt you'll see more of me on here!

They advised me to use 10 syns a day only and body magic as much as I can and said I could lose up to 2 stone in 10 weeks :-o
They're right - it can be done.

I've lost over 4 stone in 4 1/2 months.
Big BUT though....you will need to follow the plan 100%.
As the others have said, it can be done, but the most important thing is accepting that this is a plan for life and that any loss is a bonus.

We all lose weight differently, so you may find that some people have bigger weight losses than you, or you may be a quick loser - this is not a race.

Hope this helps - not meant to sound negative - you could do it, just think that it is important that you set yourself up for success!!!!!

Good luck with your target.

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I think it all depends on how much weight you lose on average a week?

Give it your best go! stick to the plan and you may well be able to achieve that. But if your losses slow down and you don't quite reach that target still be proud of how well you have done xxx
I think a lot of it depends on your start weight & how much you have to lose. I say give it a go but allow yourself a bit of flexibility, no point in being miserable! When is your wedding?


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i'd likie to lose remaining of mine by xmas ( just over 4st) i want to be at targey for a good few months before my wedding so i know i can do it! ..

if you really have something aim for and go for it 100% then i think you can do it.
but don't keep thinking how far away you are always think how far you've come i think gives you more confidence, if i sit and think how much i have to lose i go in depression mode thinking how hell do i think i can do this..

so now i think right im 13st....id like to get to 12.7 within....... and aim for that i dont look at my weight as a big chunk
Thanks all.

Having a bad time of it at the moment as I am sticking to the plan and I've even joined a gym and have been going there for three weeks now. Despite all this I have had a gain tonight of 1.5lbs :-(

Week 1 - Lost 1/2lb
Week 2 - Gained 1lb
Week 3 - Lost 1.5lbs
Week 4 - lost 4.5lbs
Week 5 - Gained 1.5lbs

So overall I've only lost 4lbs over 6 weeks :-( I am starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew. I am dissapointed as I thought joining a gym would help shift the fat.

I was trying to focus on getting the half stone award rather than the whole thing and I had two good weeks and really thought I could shift 1.5lbs and get my award tonight but instead I went the other way :-(

Feeling quite deflated.
Ok. Firstly, joining a gym will help you tone up and change shape, but it might not help so much in terms of your actual body weight because you will build muscle as you train and muscle weighs more than fat. It WILL help over the longer term, but you may find that you are not eating enough to stop your body from feeling like it is starving. Serious athletes eat a LOT more calories than we generally use in daily activity. This in itself could impede your losses.

Also, being due on can result in a small temporary gain.

Look at the overall picture, you lost 4.5lb last week, it may be that your body is resisting losing because your diet isnt sufficient to counteract all the additional activity you are doing.

It is always the weeks where the awards are close where our bodies seem to resist doing what we want them to do. This is perfectly usual and all it means is that it is a reminder of the fact that it is not a race. If not this week, then you will get it next week, or the week after.

Do not be upset. We all have normal fluctuations as part and parcel of this process. Remember that your body shape will still be significantly improved by the time you get to the dress fitting. You say you are an 18 on the bottom and a 14-16 on the top. Even within a couple of months of doing what you are doing, you may well be the size you want to be, regardless of what your weight is.
Don't be too downhearted - you're losing that's the main thing. I only lost 1lb at my first WI this week and felt quite deflated too... But as previous posters have said, it's not a race but a plan for life. Chin up and keep going - remember the tortoise and the hare!



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As usual, I'm afraid I have to disagree with this 'you'll be building muscle at the gym so won't loose much you'll just be toning'.

Men put on weight more easily at the gym and struggle to do so: it's a big lifestyle change for them to bulk. To build muscle you generally need to eat more calories anyway (in the 'bulking' stage for men they struggle to keep eating) and on slimming world you won't be doing that.

As long as you don't overcompensate (i.e. eating 120g pasta before you go out for a 5km run) exercise can only help you.

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