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SW vs WW


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Think i'm getting a little complacent with ww and was thinking of maybe giving SW a try as on and off been counting points for 6yrs now and never tried sw.

I have days on WW where i can't seem to fill myself lol kinda like a bottomless pit!!

For those that have done WW then SW was the new switch and way of thinking easy and is SW easy to follow cos at the moment it seems complicated and can you still have chinese and macdonalds as you would on ww ( all pointed of course )

Thanks in advance
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I always thought SW was way to complicated until I actually joined and my leader went through the book and explained it all to me. It really is very straight forward and you can eat so much more than WW. I lost weight with WW but got bored quickly and always drifted away from the plan. With SW it is much more user friendly and I have lost almost 3 stone on the plan.
I would def give SW a go, there are always people around on here who can give great advice if you need it!

Good luck with what you decide to do :)
Ive never tried WW, but love SW, although its really down to personal preference. What I can say is you can eat unlimited amount of free food on SW, and yup you can have chinese and macyDs, you would either flexi syn it (or do what a lot of us do and have it the night after WI!) x


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I prefer SW because I hate feeling hungry and I know that come the evening, if I am feeling hungry then I can have something to eat and not feel guilty. On WW I was worried that I would run out of points at the end of the day and wouldn't have any left to spend if I was hungry.


is gonna shine in 2009
Thanks for the advice guys, will have a good look into and may give it a whirl x
Hello and welcome!!

Like you, I have done ww for ages and ages and knew the point value of everything. BUT I found I didn't eat as healthy as I should such as never eating bananas becuase they were high in points compared to apples etc. When I first switched to SW it really was difficult for me to get my head around it but after the first 2 weeks (and 7 lbs gone) I was a firm believer! LOL I really like the flexibility that SW gives you and you don't need to eliminate anything from your diet. I find I eat much healthier now and don't obsess over food because there is always something I can eat if I am hungry!! Hope it works for you