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SW website


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Is it me or is the Syns online feature on the new SW website not as good as it was??
I just went to the syns online bit, clicked on the 'average everyday foods' bit and typed 'sugar'
It gave me pages of things, but no actual sugar! reduced sugar jam, reduced sugar jelly....... but what i want was 28g sugar.

i tried under manufactures and searced silverspoon, sugar, but that only gave me the 'light' sugar.

Its just doesnt seem as easy to use as it was :(

anyone else having problems with it??
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It always seems really slow to me - takes ages to load a page which is putting me off using it a bit tbh. Haven't noticed re your point about syns online but that's probably as I'm not using it very much!


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The reason sugar doesnt show is as it only shows the first 30 results of any search, trouble is it doesnt find granulated so im not sure how you'd find it!!

I like the new website (apart from the above) it lets me add syns to my diary just by looking them up! And the recipe section is good :) xx
I hate that you can't find lists of manufacturers, as if you do a search and get even one letter wrong it says 'no results found'. Why can't it be like google and say 'did you mean....'?!


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I eventually found 'caster sugar' but granulated sugar doesnt exist apparently!
I agree about getting one letter wrong! I do like that it has a drop down list of manufactures as you type, thats good.
Not that i use the diary feature, but just clicking to add the item and the syn value looks a good idea. Mine has been loading up ok, just annoying me that i cant find the things i'm looking for re syns online!
I would of hoped the site would be improved with the new design, it intact sounds worse and is putting me off renewing my subscription once baby is born.

There are so many brilliant things they could do with it, it really is such a shame.


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I must admit, I used to find syns online quite frustrating. Their database must be set up strangely. TBH I find it quicker to do a google search for syns, than a SW search, which is a bit mad!
Totally agree it's dreadful now! The whole syns online is terrible I find it better to do a search on here, and the that thing if you get one letter wrong it says no results makes me mad! It was better before!
The new search facility takes a little bit of getting used to.

Honey - I found the syns for Sugar by entering 'white sugar' instead of granulated sugar.

Sugar, white, 1 cube ½ ½ ½
Sugar, white, 1 level tsp 1 1 1
Sugar, white, 1 level tbsp 3 3 3
Sugar, white, 28g 5½ 5½

I hate how they have changed the recipes too. Instead of Green & Red day recipes they are all now listed as lunch, dinner, snacks etc. Annoying lol!
Also the scan bran feature which I used to like to look at for recipe ideas has gone.
And the site constantly logged me out lol x
I agree i find it much easier. I do find it is quicker to look for syns through the online diary rather than just the regular syns online because you get the drop down menu of brand names so you can see choices if your not sure of spelling.


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