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Extra Easy Sw whilst breastfeeding


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Is anyone doing this?

I started before Xmas and lost 5lbs over Xmas and new year lost a pound. Put on a pound last week and I just can't stop eating crap.

My baby is 3 months old, exclusivly breastfed and I am struggling to keep on plan. I wonder to my self if I should think about diets after we have finished breast feeding!!!
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What is it that you are struggling with specifically? Perhaps we can help with some ideas to overcome it. Are you making sure you have your extra HEs?


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I just can't stop eating things easy to grab


Today I had a packet of hobnobs and a coffee for lunch.

Dinner is fine cos I eat with other half and that's normally meat n veg or spaghetti Bol or something. I just graze thru the day.

Am I meant to have 6 HE?


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I am partially breastfeeding (v hungry baby and not enough milk from me) :( Anyhoo, I am following the plan at the mo and have lost 3lbs in the last 3 weeks.

I had allowed myself one extra HEA as I am not breastfeeding exclusively, but if you are, you should have an extra 4 per day. Having these might make it easier for grabbing something quickly when you are hungry.

I don't think I have lost too well over the last few weeks as I just haven't been eating enough at all. So have tried to make sure I have things I can grab when I am hungry this week. So, 28g cheese on a ryvita, Syn free rice pudding, cooked chicken, grapes, cooked pasta etc.

It is important you eat enough and also have things that are quick and easy to eat.

How about cheese on 2 small slices wholemeal toast. That could be 2 of your extra 4 HE's, 2x ryvita (heb) with slices of ham. Also make sure you are using your 15 syns. You could work out some low syn snacks and have them in stock so that you can grab one quickly. The new weetabix cereal bars are one HEb or 3.5 syns each - could replace some of those biccies!

Good luck! I know how hard it is and well done for getting back on the plan. You can do it :D
Im bfing and my LO is also 3 months old I try to have 3 of my 4 extra hea's as milk or cheese and have another on heb as in cereal bar in the eve or toast if I have my alpen bars for breakfast, try making some ricepudding with your hea as its filling and free :) xx


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Thanks guys. I really need to sort myself out and engage my brain. Shopping comes on weds. So I'll try to get orgnused and plan lunches and dinners!!

Got a hen do to go to soon!! Eeek!