finding my way again !
i'm ss'ing at pressent & have just discovered that i quite like the occasional black coffee - i used to drink it but went off it when preggers ( she's nearly 8 now!!) but i like to sweeten it a little & wondered which sweetener was best, cos i know some of them can leave an after taste?
any thoughts / advice please :confused:
thanks Kaz, thats a help. have been using sweet n low2 at work & sneeking a few sachets home with me, but really need to buy my own now !!:)
good idea, got to go to ASDA tommorrow & there's one in our asda's & its so busy no one will notice hehe :)
If I am doing a vannila shake I will keep back some to put in a coffee and have this for my afters. It is very nice.

Love Mini xxx