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Switching from SW to Low Carb


This is really the time!
Hi All

My name is Sophie.

I have been doing SW. But finances have now stopped me going to class. I have failed at trying to do it at home (love it when I am going to class, but lose control with it at home)

I have done Low Carb at home before. Both Atkins, Dr Charles Clarke and moy own variations.

I have put on 7lbs since I last attended SW. So, I am gaining control from today.
I will miss the Slimming World forum....But I am sure I will also enjoy chatting here.

Today I have started the Dr Charles Clarkes High Protien Fast Food diet.
I like this plan, because it is not as restrcitive on carbs as Atkins (unrestricted veg being a big plus point).

I look forward to chatting to you all :)

Sophs x
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Hi Sophs and welcome to the LC forums, you sound like you know what you are doing so I won't bother offering any advice. :)


This is really the time!
Hi Jim

Thank you very much. I do a very good job of sounding like I know everything lol...

I am amazed at how well you have done. So, any advice you have for success would be gratefully received :)
whatever plan you're on stick to it religiously soph. No cheats, no falling by the wayside. It's not easy but it's the only thing that works love.

I tried many diets before Atkins 2 years worth of them and couldn't stay on any of them, mainly because I was starving all the time. LOL. Atkins is not for everyone, but it suited me fine.
Hi Sophie - welcome to low carb! I tried SW before both at home and in group and I stuck to it longer in group and had more success but as I don't eat wheat found it very difficult to stick with healthy extras!

Low carb is great tho - as i'm sure you know having done it before!


This is really the time!
Thank you very much Jim

I have to have the mind set now of not sabotaging my own weight loss. I really do not ever want to be 22st 12 again. So, I need to make this a way of life now. I find when I eat carbs (like on SW green days) I had terribble stomach ache. And, over my past two weeks binge, my stomach has not been happy.

So, now back to the drawing board. Your pics are amazing Jim. Well done you!!

Thank you Angel. SW is a great plan. And has worked really well for me in the past. Just feel that when I am not going to class, I need stricter rules. Low carb gives me that :)
How's sit going then sophs?


This is really the time!
yay!!! You are back. I was wondering when the fountain of all knowledge was oing to return!! The low carb boards have been extremely quiet Jim :(

It has been going well thanks. I stupidly tried some meat and egg fast (not the fat fast-but you would know that) to try and jump my metabolism, as it has been from low carb to SW back to low carb since Jan. It was easy, but wish I hadnt tried it. So, I have spent the weekend slowly reintorducing carbs and fats.

How are you? Did you go on holiday?
The low carb boards have been extremely quiet Jim
You saying I'm a noisy bugger sophs. ;)

Yes love, I have been away to S. France. Great time, loads of sun and sea etc... loads of illegal food as well, but hey, I was on Holiday.

I tried the M&E fast, and regretted it love, blocked me up for a week and I felt crap!!


This is really the time!
lol @ illegal food!! I like that lol

And yes...you are the noisy one around here lol

I wish I had left it alone. I am back to no reading on my ketostix (may throw them away, as they are just one more thing to fixate on lol)

I have been having 10g of carbs to try to ease back into carbs after the Meat and Eggs fast. Not going to cut them back down. Just goonna stick with it and gradually build them back up.

Really glad to have you back Jim. Glad you hadd a great itme :)
It's nice to be back love, the only bad part was driving back to Sutton from Manchester airport, nothing but roadworks over the weekend.


This is really the time!
Not good!!! I when travelling has to be slowed down. You are only up the road then. I live in Brum and Nuneaton lol. Part time in both :)
Oh yes I didn't notice that, yes I'm in Sutton Sophs, you'll have to come to the next Minimins meet in Birmingham, I think there is one planned for late september/ early october love.


This is really the time!
I love forum meets lol...Last one I went to was for the pregnancy forum. A lot of us with our new babies in pushchairs. I would love to go to a minimins meet. Would be a laugh lol
It's a good laugh and really nice to meet people in the flesh so to speak. :)


This is really the time!

Not too much flesh then lol

I look forward to it :)
LOL, well no, there are some big losers out there Sophs.


This is really the time!
I meant lack of clothing lol...Certainly not size!!lol

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