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Switching to Original - Help needed

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by slrayner, 19 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    I have been going off the rails recently and I think it's because I am bored of Green days.

    I have decided enough is enough and I am switching to Orginial days when I go shopping tomorrow.

    The only trouble is - I am having trouble planning my meals. Can anyone suggest any quick, easy and filling breakfasts / lunches / dinners?

    Also could anyone suggest what I need as staples from the supermarket

    TIA Sarah xx
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  3. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Anyone got any advice? I could really do with some!
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Sorry, just didnt want to read and run, I dont do Red days, theyre too hard for me to work out lol

    Someone will be along with excellent advice soon :)
  5. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    Breakfasts...you can have a fry up, with fry light, so bacon, eggs, mushroom on toast maybe?
  6. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Sounds good when I have got time- i'm wondering what I could also prepare to grab and go xx
  7. Woxywoo

    Woxywoo Full Member

    Hiya Sarah,

    I'd recommend getting things such as butternut squash, swede, plenty of meat/fish, eggs, veggies, salad, sliced ham to snack on, tinned tuna or salmon and scwartz seasonings to pep any of your meats up

    Suggestions for meal ideas...you could have a bacon and egg roll for breakfast, fruit and muller yogurt, porridge/cereal, a homemade smoothie made with yogurt, full fry up (grill up) or an omelette.

    Lunch could be ham/tuna/egg salad, a cooked chicken from the deli counter at most supermarkets, cold quorn sausage sandwich, blt, pineapple chunks wrapped in honey roast ham or a meaty frittata made with chopped bacon and sausages etc

    Tea could be sausage casserole with a HE baked potato, roast dinner with mashed butternut squash instead of potatoes, homemade burgers with laughing cow x light in the middle, chicken and pepper kebabs with salad, steak with baked potato, fried egg and mushrooms or gammon and pineapple with fried eggs and baked potato.

    Hope that gives you just a few ideas, I am starting to do only red days too as of tomorrow as my weight loss is so slow on green (even though I prefer them) and I know red days give me better and faster results.

    Good luck, hope you get loads more ideas too. xxxxx
  8. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Thanks so much Woxywoo some fab ideas there - that'll help me make a list. Hope it's not going to be too expensive with all the meat!
  9. Woxywoo

    Woxywoo Full Member

    :) Shouldn't be too bad expense wise if you try and bulk your meals out with veg (frozen is cheapest I find)
    Eggs are brilliant for filling you up and are pretty cheap for the amount you get.
    I do think red days are more expensive than green though!! I find I want to snack less though on red cos don't seem to get as hungry so I don't have to buy so many snacky foods saving me money there. xx
  10. madhousemum

    madhousemum Silver Member

    sorry i live of extra easy days at min so i dont have to weigh hardly anything x

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