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Symptoms getting worse..

Is it possible that weight loss can make the symptoms worse?

The reason I ask is that, since losing about 4 stone... My period are even more irregular, I have much much worse facial hair, my pmt is worse as is pain etc.

I thought weight loss normally improved symptoms?
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I wondered this too! Since I lost weight, last year, my symptoms too became worse - irregular periods, never been irregular before, excess hair, acne and also hair loss.

Like you, everything I have read suggests weight loss helps to improve symptoms.
Before, hair wise I could get away with plucking/waxing once or twice a week... now, it's daily - It's really starting to get me down, I thought I was doing the best thing by losing weight and that hopefully all the symptoms would get a lot better or go!

Also, I've always had amazing skin - it's the one part of me I've not hated - and now, it's horrific... acne, flaky, dry, greasy... I'm starting to want the weight back so the symptoms go away!!
i have pcos and iv always been told my symptoms would get better with weight loss. have you mentioned these changes to your doctor? also are you on metformin? maybe they need to up the dose x
I don't know how much you've lost, has it made a difference?

I saw a Gyny a few weeks ago, told him my symptoms were worse and he said 'ok, well done on the weight loss keep it up' and scheduled an appt for 8months.. after giving me hair cream.

I'm on metformin, 500mg 3 times a day... what could I or should I be on? It's getting embarrassing, I can live with the period problems but the appearance side makes me want to cry.


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Whenever someone's body changes in weight it will be accompanied by fluctuation in the hormone levels - particularly in women. For most women the menstrual cycle is not affected, but some will experience increased activity and break-through bleeding, whilst others may find that their periods stop for a while. Any hormone fluctuations will stop once target weight is reached. When the body ceases to lose weight, the metabolic rate will settle - to a new level appropriate to the new weight - and consequently the hormones will also settle down and find their own pattern again.

Source: Dr Alan N Howard

I hope that helps to know that once you stop dieting your hormones will settle down.
Aww thanks.. so it seems that while I'm now 15st, my hormones have yet to catch up and are still at a 20st level.. so after I've been at goal a while they should settle and stuff will get better again?
missjelly, I have read that you were following one of those meal replacement diets. Now, I know it's not my job to judge them so I won't, but be careful about the composition of those! Couldn't it be that the reason why your hormones have gone mad and your skin has broken is because you're lacking nutrients that you need in your diet? I know you recently started Weight Watchers: have you noticed any improvements in your skin and hormones or not yet? Can you keep me updated to let me know if the situation improves in the next few months?

Hug and kiss, hope your skin will get better!
When did it say I was on a meal replacement diet?

I'm on weightwatchers, and have a gastric band... as per the details under my picture.

And no, it's just getting worse no matter what diet I choose.
maybe you should make an appointment with your gp about your symptoms??

im the complete opposite. i was/am a similar weight to you (started at 20 stone 6 and half lb, and am now 14 stone 8lb) and mine symptoms have greatly improved. i now have a regular mentrual cycle (a few days either way) and am now ovulating every month, which was totally unheard of with me before my weightloss.

hope you get sorted out x

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