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Syn free Cough Syrup!!

Do you have to syn in medicine that seems harsh! Your ill if you need it use it. (feel better)


Slow but sure....
Thank you for the info, I hope you feel better soon, Do we count syns in cough mixture? I don't know the answer to that either.
My consultant said that you should count syns in medicine due to the sugar content. Anything we put in our mouths has to be accounted for! A while back there was a section in the SW website for group members about what to do when you are suffering from coughs, colds and flu. I'll check and see what it says and get back to you here. I too am ill so I want to know.


Starting Again!
I'm nnot sure about cough syrups but with regards to cough and cold sweets this is what I found in my syns book:

Fisherman's Friend
All varieties 2 lozenges 0.5
Sugar Free, All Varieties 4 lozenges 0.5

Mentho-Lyptus, sugar free all varieties 32g pack; 4.0
original mentho-lyptus, extra strong, 33.5g pack; 6.5
soothers all varieties, 2 lozenges; 1.5 45g tube 7.5

All verieties, 43tube; 8.0

Original/Menthol&Eucalyptus 1 sweet; 0.5
Sugar Free, 2 sweets; 0.5

Hope this helps a bit.


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I can't remember the name of the substance they replace sugar with in diabetic sweets etc, but I have an awful feeling it has as many calories as sugar.
BUMPING THIS.......... Does anyone know if Childrens Benylin is free ? Its sugar free.

Thanks so much x
How awful that they syn something you can't really not have :/ well i'll have a gain this week then, can't help having a chest infection and most certainly not paying £7.40 for some tablets!
Hope you're feeling better soon Tigger, dont worry about the gain like you say you need the medicines and at least you'll know where its come from :)

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