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Syn free/lowsyn tinned soups?? (going shopping in 20 mins)


Always trying!
Not really an answer to your question as such however I don't by any tinned/carton soup since starting SW. I make my own and they are soooooo much tastier than shop bought plus they are syn free too.

I'd defo recommend making your own x
Sorry there is no such thing as a free tinned soup, they will all have syns and you can work them out using 1 syn for every 20 calories. Some can be used as a HEB however. Try doing a search as someone has almost certainly asked for low syn soups before.


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Thanks, normally I'd like to make my own but its very low down my list of priorities at the mo unfortunately as my life is chaos....

and thats what I meant by syn free sorry, one that could count as HEXb

ta anyway
Yes you can use the 20 calories because pre-prepared soups do not qualify for a free food allowance. They are named in the list of exempted items eg jars of pasta sauces, pre-prepared sandwiches etc. So it is just a straight 1 syn for every 20 calories on tinned soups.

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