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Syn free pancakes......... what toppings do you have on yours???


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Hi everyone as im totally in love with these i thought id come and ask what you have on yours??? i normally have strawberrys, banana and fromage frais or if im having a naughty day il have nutella mixed with fromage frais and banana as it hits my chocolate craving :D
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I love grapes, strawberries and banana with a dollop of toffee mullarlight, mmmmm yumm!
Or some rice pudding, grapes and blueberries on it and it wrapped up x


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I usually ave 100% greek yogurt with a selection of fruits - banana, strawbs, blueberries etc.

Also freshly squeezed lemon juice and sweetner is good too :)


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Wheres the recipe for these syn free pancakes you speak of? :strokes beard:


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I posted this into the recipe section to make it easy to find lol!

Syn Free Pancakes
I had posted this as an answer to a thread, but thought I would put it here so it could be found more easily if needed

Syn free pancakes;

Separate an egg into two bowls - white and yolk.

Whisk the white and add 3 tsp sweetner (or to taste), whisking til white and meringue-ish
Add some vanilla essence to the yolk.

Add the yolk to the white and fold together - this is your batter.

frylight a pan and add all of the batter, spreading it gently with the back of a spoon.

be gentle - this pancake is fragile! leave completely alone until you can slide a fish slice (etc) underneath, carefully turn it over to cook the second side. again, leave it alone until done, then lift it out onto your plate and add your toppings and enjoy!

good with fruit and yog (like I had) or lemon and sweetner for a more trad pancake




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wow is that your photo use syn free pancake! for 3 days breakfast i even not achieve it. maybe i did incorrect way that when my egg white turn thick, then i put yolk with vanilla extract then put to egg white and hand whisk machine it again, which i think i should not do, so i will add yolk and vanilla in it then use spoon to mix soft? is that right?
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What a great thread!

On mine, I have fat free yogurt- vanilla and blueberry flavours, alongside some fresh strawberries. I have also had it with 'Canderel'-sweetened quark with macerated summer fruits on top.
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Mmmmm....I'm going to try a stewed apple (just one to keep it syn free) with some cinnamon and thick fat free yogurt. I will syn a teaspoon of honey as a treat! Thx for the recipe

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