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Syn Free Sausages?


I ate my willpower!
No, real meat ones! :p My Consultant said that the Morrisions own brand low fat ones are Syn free! On a red day that is!
What type of percentage are the morrisons syn free - 95% less fat, 50% less fat etc??
I too don't have morrisons close to me, but I reckon sausages with same fat % would then be syn free?? She says hopefully???
i dont know of any other syn free ones but some of asdas good for you sausages are very low in syns
Hmm, I think it's only Morrisons. I only shop in Tesco normally, but will go to Morrisons to stock up (get really funny looks buying 10 packs), they are worth the 16 miles!!

Also - get exploring your local butchers. I stumbled on one the other week who does syn free burgers and sausages, expensive though (£2.50 for 6 sausages). x


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Tesco make their own make low fat sausages, I think they're only 1/2 a syn each. Weightwatchers sausages are also 1/2 a syn, and very tasty, if you like them a bit spicy tasting.
tnx ladies, handy alternatives to have.
Although am trying to enhance oh to eat the quorn sausages with me..

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