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SYNS Please add these up

Please can you add these syns up, dont worry or look at what other people have put, add them up yourself POST YOUR REPLY (All of them added up in total) its just a little experiment will explain later.

Slim Fast Prezzles
Cuppa Chocolate Options
x2 Rice Cakes
x2 Table spoons Tomatoe Sauce
Cheesy Mugshot
x2 Yorkshire Puddings
and x2 vodka and diet coke.....
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I do ee so that would be 28syns to me that was counting the yorkies as the medium aunt bessies ones which are the next size up from the mini's


A sucker for a key change
You don't say which plan...

Slim Fast Prezzles - assuming 23g = 5syns
Cuppa Chocolate Options - which one?? Could be 2, 2.5 or 3!!
x2 Rice Cakes - which one? Size? Brand?
x2 Table spoons Tomatoe Sauce - 2 syns
Cheesy Mugshot - cheese and ham or creamy cheese??? Also which plan?
x2 Yorkshire Puddings - homemade? brand? size?
and x2 vodka 25 or 35mls?? and diet coke.....
Sorry, too many variables for me. I like precision so I know I am not cheating!


not enough info there to give accurate syn values, sorry
I would have said that to, what measure vodkas, yorkshire puds etc.

Maybe its a trick question ;) perhaps we are suppossed to question the portion sizes :D:D

before sw my voka and coke would have been 10 syns.... and the coke would be diet :eek:
You need to give more info - or everyone will come up with totally different numbers!

Slim Fast Prezzles How many?
x2 Rice Cakes What kind?
x2 Table spoons Tomatoe Sauce
Cheesy Mugshot
x2 Yorkshire Puddings Home made or frozen? How big?
and x2 vodka and diet coke How much vodka??

Was anything a low fat version? What day were you doing - green/original/EE?
I think it is experiment if you read the post as we do these things in class and its shocking how low folk count when they are much higher so it shows where you go wrong on simple things.
I only know the syn values of things I eat myself, so from that list only yorkshire puds would be on my list, but it doesn't say if they are homemade or frozen so I haven't got a clue really so at a guess 25 syns

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