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Help please...am I doing this right? :(

S: 11st8.0lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 1st9lb(14.2%)
Hi all,

I am new to minimins & SW. I've joined up online for 3 months & I'm doing Extra Easy. Just finished my 3rd week now. I'm finding it ok to stick to but I'm not having great weight losses! I lost 3lbs over the first 2 weeks (was happy enough although it wasn't amazing for the first two weeks) & this week I only lost 1/4 lb! :sigh: I have been sticking to it 100% and I'm feeling really disappointed today. I know it's still better to be losing than gaining, but I've really made an effort & I feel really disappointed to have only lost 1/4lb! I've also been feeling really bloated all this week too! I'd like to stick with SW after paying to join & getting my head around it, so I'm hoping someone can please look through my food diary for last week & see if there's anywhere I might be going wrong? Maybe I only think I'm sticking to it 100%? Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to give any advice!

I study and often would be at home all day, so I typically have breakfast around 8/9, lunch around 12/1, dinner around 5 and something small to eat before I go to bed. Some days if I am in a snacky mood I will use up a few syns in the evening on snacks (I would have used up less syns on treats the previous 2 weeks than this week, but stayed within my syns each day) whereas other days I don't feel the need to.

Breakfast - 2 oatibix (HEB) with rice milk (HEA)
Lunch - Strawberries; bowl of home-made leek&potato soup (made with onions, leeks, potato & vegetable stock)
Dinner - Diet coke chicken with lots of veg (carrots, mushrooms & can't remember what else) & rice (small portion). Added cornflour to thicken (1 syn)
Snack after dinner - Tea with 1 spoon sugar (1 syn - I previously used to have several cups a day with 3 1/2 spoons of sugar in each cup, and I'm trying to wean myself completely off the sugar) and cadbury chocolate animal biscuits (5 syns)
Evening - Alpen light (3 syns) and 1 cola bottle (1/2 syn)
Small snack before bed - Salad (side-plate size) with lettuce, gherkins & small portion rice
Total syns: 10.5

Breakfast - 2 oatibix (HEB) with rice milk (HEA)
Lunch - Small salad (side-plate size) with rice, ham & gherkins; 1/2 bowl homemade soup (as above); few strawberries
Dinner - chicken salad: lettuce, quinoa, some pumpkin/sunflower seeds (1 syn), chicken, marinade (2 syns), tomatoes & 1 diced (grilled) rasher
Evening - Tea with 1 sugar (1 syn); can pepsi max
Total syns: 4 syns

Breakfast - 3 rasher medallions, beans, mushrooms & tomato (all grilled)
Lunch - Tea with 1 sugar (1 syn); slice home-made carrot cake, no frosting (8 syns); strawberries
Dinner - Cod baked with smash coating; SW baked chips with frylight; corn, peas, tomato & mushrooms (both baked)
Evening snack - 2 alpen light bars (HEB)
Total syns: 9

Breakfast - 2 oatibix (HEB) & rice-milk (HEA)
Snack - Banana
Dinner - 2 mugshots
Snacks throughout day - 2 alpen light bars (6 syns) and a nectarine
Total syns: 6
(I was away on Saturday & staying in a b&b all day (I usually have to go away like this at least once a week) so it was a choice of not eating much or eating high-syn foods. I couldn't afford to go to a restaurant & couldn't find any low syn foods in the supermarket & didn't have access to a microwave/oven, etc..., so I ended up just eating mugshots for dinner. I typically would have eaten take-aways of chips/other fried foods and snacked on chocolate & crisps & sweets when I go away like this. I also slept for about 4 hours in the afternooon so I wasn't actually that hungry).

Breakfast - Cornflakes with milk (HEA), banana and 1/2 glass OJ (1 syn) - (again, I was away & would typically have a full fry given that it has been paid for, but cornflakes was the best alternative I could find)
Snack - 2 alpen light bars (HEB)
Lunch - Bowl home-made leek&potato soup (as above)
Snack - 1 potato microwaved to make 'crisps' (I know this is a bit of a tweak, but I stuck to 1 medium sized potato & very little frylight)
Dinner - chicken salad, as on Thursday (3 syns)
Evening - Tea with 1 sugar (1 syn); 2 mini meringue nests (2 syns)
Total syns: 11.5

Breakfast - 2 oatibix (HEB) with rice-milk (HEA) & banana
Lunch - Small salad (side-plate size) with lettuce, quinoa & ham; mullerlight
Dinner - Home-made stew (veg.version with celery, barley, mushrooms & carrots - 1 syn for cornflour to thicken) & 2 potatoes; tea with 1 sugar (1 syn)
Evening - 2 mini meringue nests (2 syns) & an options drinking chocolate (2 syns); slice ham & some gherkins
Snacks - 2 alpen lights (6 syns)
Total syns: 12

Breakfast - Grilled rasher medallions, beans, egg fried with flylight, tomato & mushrooms, 1 gluten-free bread (3 syns) with scrape of butter (2 syns)
Lunch - Home-made leek & potato soup (as above), 2 alpen light bars (HEB - ate earlier than the soup) and tea with 1 sugar (1 syn)
Dinner - Chili con carne made with kidney beans, mushrooms, broccoli & peppers, with a flat mushroom on the side & small amount of rice
Eve - 2 mini meringue nests (2 syns); tea with 1 sugar (1 syn)
Total syns: 8

I know there are some days where I could have used up less syns by not eating snacks, but I thought you should be able to eat within 5-15 syns and still lose weight. Would really appreciate any advice/tips as I'm feeling pretty fed up!
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