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Yep, 10 to 15 syns it is! SW recommend that you never go below 5 syns.
I have always used my full quota of 15, I do like my treats!


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Oh my gosh, i thought it was around 15 a week.
:eek: I would have jacked it in sooner if that was the case! I count my syns weekly rather than daily as quite often I will have syn free days.


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Oh my gosh, i thought it was around 15 a week.

I havent done SW for 11 years.
Wow! You will see such a difference when you join class, the new Extra Easy plan is very good - unlimited red and green foods on the same day! Woo hoo!!

Good luck when you join. :):):)


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i dont know i will look now....

just found out, there is one tonight but it is a drive away and the one i wanted is more local, but it is the same leader. could i transfer classes, ie go to one tonight but change it to next wednesday in future, only asking as my hubby and son do footie training on a thursday usually.


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Shouldn't be a problem. I did this, I joined on a Tuesday morning, but swopped to Wednesday evenings the next week. The reason being, i had made the decision to join and if I didn't do it there and then, I would have left until who knows when. Glad I did though.


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blooming men!!!
I said to my hubby that as he isnt going footie tonight then i will go and join SW this evening. then i said as footie is now finished on a wednesday (boys are in year 11 so it is finished) then i will go on a wednesday in the future, so he said, but i dont know what is going to happen in the future.

i mean grrrrr. If he wants to join a new team to train the goalies, then am i right in saying that he will have to pick, monday, tuesday, friday or saturdays. am i being fair.
You are being very fair!!! You are restricted really by when the classes are on, if you are anything like me then you put kids and OH first most of the time... This is your chance to put yourself first chick!!!
Its only 1 night you are asking for so totally fair. On the syns I don't have the same amount every day, I will vary right from 5 through to 15 depends on my day and what i want to eat. Others do weekly syns which seems a good idea as well.


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but say you only had 5 syns every day, would it penalise your weight loss by you not having your whole quantity.
sorry for all the questions, i know i could ask them this evening but knowing me i would forget what i wanted to ask. i walk into a room to get something and forget as soon as i get there.

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