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T.G.I.F. FRIDAY Hour X Hour!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Yay!!! It's FRIDAY! And a long weekend!! For most! :)

Hope everyone has had a good week, and have some fun things lined up for the weekend. My OH is working both Sat and Sun, then Monday night, so afraid we have no real fun plans. I will see what kind of troubleI can get in to!! hehe Probably more wardorbe clearing!! :D I love doing that!

Well, I hope everyone has a good day today - let it go fast!


Corey - how did the election go? Are you going to become a slave to the people, or a man of leisure? :D
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constantly confused

Urgh, so tired today!! :sigh:

I'm also working all weekend, starting tomorrow at 4am, and ending in 12 hours on Monday. It'll be SO worth it come payday! :D

Not looking foward to WI tomorrow. If I just lose another 2 I'll be gutted. :jelous:


longs to be average!
Well I am absolutely knackered this morning, having got home from the count at 2am, and was up at 7 to take OH to the station.

It was a very exciting night, and a real eye opener into the political process.

We didn't win, nor lose any of our seats last nights - which means I have another year before going through it all again. I was told by my Tory counterparts (me v 3 of them for 3 seats) that I had "given them a run for their money", and then when the results came out, they then said and it was all for nothing, to which I replied, "it wasn't for nothing, this council has been too complacent for too long, and good shake up is what it needs!", they walked away!!

One thing I wasn't expecting to have to make speeches - I had to make two public speeches - I totally clam up when I have to talk into a microphone - so think I warbled more than I spoke!!

I've been told by my LibDem colleagues that I was a good candidate for the ward, and they are glad they had talked me into doing it, anyways, long story short, I will be running next year, and already have an idea to start campaigning now, which I need to put forward to the LibDem leader.

Anyways - I was only ever predicted to get 30% of the vote last night, and very pleased to have got 38%!


Silver Member
Good on you Corey for getting involved. Its one thing complaining but its a whole different ballgame putting your hat in the ring.

I have had a bit of a crummy week.

The doctors took my pot off on Tuesday but they are referring me to a hand surgeon cos a previous wrist fracture (that i did not know i had done) is actually the cause of the pain i am in and they say i need an arthroscopy. So another pot beckons in a few months!

I took my mum into hospital on Wednesday for a serious operation on her leg. She'd had it done before but the surgeon ballsed it up and she contracted MRSA.

We went out of County this time which meant me spending time away from the children overnight as it is quite a long drive. Mum had the op yesterday - they decided not to give her a general anaesthetic because the risk was just too high for her. I had to leave the hospital yesterday not being able to see her post op because she was 4 hours in surgery and they were keeping her in recovery overnight - no visitors.

I was gutted driving back home cos she was still in theatre and i really had no idea if she was ok. It was only cos mum rang me later on that i knew she was ok. Even though they had a next of kin number and knew i was worried (i had rung recovery 3 times before leaving to see if she was back yet) she rang me in the evening.

At least she has come through it. She has to have stage 2 of the op in about 8 weeks if she is well enough.

On another note, cos i was staying over i missed my WI on Weds night. I have not had my shakes etc whilst at the hospital and i have put on 2lbs!!!:sigh:

I did not go mad or anything but the available food was higher in carbs than i would have liked and it has showed up on the scales.

I am off back to Wigan today (where the hospital is). My dad is worried and wants to visit mum so another abnormal day is on the cards.

Its my daughters 8th birthday tomorrow and i have not sorted out her pressies yet. Its not likely to happen today either.

Sorry about the moan everyone.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that these things are sent to try us?!!!:rolleyes:

Enjoy your weekend everyone.;)


longs to be average!
Leema, I'm at a loss for words - which doesn't help you in the slightest I know.

It certainly does seem that you are being tried at the moment - but just remember the saying "that what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!"

I really do hope you Mum has a speedy recovery and is back home with your Dad soon. It really is unfortunate that we live in a country where being in hospital is no longer the safest place to be when you're sick, as you can already atest too.

We don't give enough credit to children, and am sure your daughter understands that her Nan is poorly and that her mummy needs to be with her at the moment. She may not verbalise it, but trust me, she knows.

Drive safely, and try not too worry, she'll be OK.



Full Member
:)Aww Lemma I'm sorry to hear of your troubles...drive carefully today and I hope your Mum will be OK:)

I feel FAB today - I'm sure I've lost a bit of weight this week (the scales have been hidden from me from my flatmate cause she was sick of me wailing and moaning from the bathroom that nothing has come off!) and its weigh in night tonight so fingers crossed.....the hours cant go quickly enough for me!

Have a good day today everyone.... :D


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I have just had a phone call from the hospital. My mother is suffering from atrial fibrillation and they are keeping her in recovery for the time being and i can't visit until she is transferred to the ward. I have been instructed not to set off from home cos i won't be allowed in.

This is really worrying me now. Why can't it be monitored on the ward, why does she have to remain in recovery?:confused:

I think i feel sick!:(


constantly confused
Oh hun, sorry to hear the news wasn't great.


Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for your mum. She's in the best place. I'm sure the doctors have their rules in place for a reason, hope it benefits your mum.

Sending TONS of healing thoughts to your mum :vibes::vibes::vibes:


Silver Member
Sorry to hear your news Lemma, I think at times like these you turn to food for comfort and no one can blame you, its a really bad time and my heart goes out to you.
TG is absolutely right Lemma - your mum is in the best place possible and will be looked after very closely - keeping her in recovery allows more direct care then she would get in the ward and they obviously want to monitor closely - which is a good thing.

Try not to worry - that is probably often a reaction to surgery in many - so they will be fully prepared, aware and equipeed to deal with this.

I kjnow it is easier said then done, but try not to worry and try to find something nice and soothing to take your mind off your troubles.

Yes - we do go through periods where we are tried. ANd those times can be tough. But all things happen for a reason, and you become stronger through each experience in life.

Hang tough mlovely - and you will see things in a brighter light soon. :)
XXX <Big healing bear hugs to you my love!>
Sorry to hear your news Lemma, I think at times like these you turn to food for comfort and no one can blame you, its a really bad time and my heart goes out to you.

True, but that is what we are trying to learn not to do.....so I would reccomend turning to us, friends, a warm bath, a nice nap, distracting movie, etc., instead, because all that is troubling you will still be there after you might eat.

We are all here for you Lemma.



Silver Member
Sorry to hear about your mother Lemma, may she have a speedy recovery and hope u get to see her soon! Good that the doctors are keeping an eye on her!

Well done Corey :)

BL- Sorry ur Hubby is working all weekend, well jsut pamper yourself and try and do something different each day.

Well I saw my Big Sis, niece and nephew and they couldn't believe it! Having seen me after 8 months and Callum (my nephew), well apparently he got a bit scared and wouldn't come to me for a good 20 mins, saying your not my Aunty! What was that all about, i don't know! lol! I think it was a real shock to them all!

We are going out tonight for a dinner/dance to celebrate my Sister's 40th Birthday (which was in Dec) as we never got a chance to celebrate it with her then (as she live in Ireland). So should be fun. I am going to stick to the grilled chicken,fish or lamb for starters (as this is allowed in my RTM). Plus I am not having my protein meal for lunch today, so i can have that extra for dinner (as i am now allowed 2 protein meals per day now).

Unfortauntely I ahev started feeling a bit ill, my throat hurts, feeling cold and horrible. I was sooooo excited for this day to celebrate with all my family and sisters friends! Will try to not let it get in the way, but once my throat starts hurting it results in either a throat infection or chest infection most of the time!

Its my Hubby's birthday next Tuesday then mine the following week and I really don't want to get ill.

Speak to u all soon. :)


Striving for slimness
Sorry to hear about your mum Lemma, sending good wishes -------------------

I looking forward to the weekend, got my WI tommorow, hope I do well cos need a boost. Development is alot more fuzzy than foundation, with no clear boundry and it being up to me when I finish I am more tempted to eat than ever. Which I havent done so am resisting. It's getting increasingly more difficult every day. But anyways yeah I am looking forwrad to 2 days off work, WI na d agirly trip to the cinema with my sister and best friend sat night.


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I wish your mum well, Lemma.

Corey 38% - bloody amazing really for a lily-livered, lighter-lifeing liberal!

I'm sad you didn't win though - really!


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Well, according to our weigh in yesterday I was 0.5 below him!

There must be some cheatin' goin' on!!!


longs to be average!
Just got back from A&E and have mild concussion. I lost some vision in my right eye earlier this afternoon - very scary. Turns out it was caused when I was at the garden centre this morning, and whacked my head on a hanging basket.

My vision is still blurry, and my head is still hurting like hell, but at least I am not having to stay in hospital over night!

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