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Newbie with two questions


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Apologies for the long post. I am new to Minmins this morning and have a couple of issues I need help with.

I started TS on 25th April and have 4st to lose overall.

Lost 8lb the first week. Now at the end of my second week, official weigh in day tomorrow. Had a sneaky weigh in mid-week and had lost a pound and a half, then was daft enough to have a sneaky weigh in this morning and I've put it back on. I know weightloss can be slower in week two, but has anyone else ever gained?

I have been 100% strict. I have three shakes a day made up with the 200ml of water plus masses of ice cubes, over 4l of water (I am used to drinking a lot of water anyway) and maybe 2 cups of black coffee - nothing else, every day, bar yesterday.

I suspect it could be the painkillers I've had to take. I have a broken tooth - dentist appointment tomorrow, and can only eat or drink if I take codeine/paracetamol and ibuprofen. I've had two lots of each over the last 48 hours. I know codeine can dehydrate, so I've drunk extra to be on the safe side - but still the weight gain. Also, the shakes seem to hurt worse than the food/bars, which I can eat on the other side, so yesterday I had porridge for breakfast, a shake for lunch and shepherds pie in the evening, whereas I had only had shakes up until then.

So frustrating to be back where I was a week ago, but am planning to plough on through and hope things improve once my tooth is fixed.

Second question:

I have an event coming up in just under three weeks. My husband and I will be going to a music festival with a gang of friends for four nights/three days. This is a annual event and a very rare opportunity for me to get a break and have some fun. We meet up with old friends we rarely get to see, have the odd bbq, a cooked breakfast on the Sunday and a few other treats etc. We do dance a lot and walk for miles though, so at least we burn some of it off!

I don't drink, so that's not an issue. I figured I could have the bbq burgers/sausages without the buns and as we have a caravan so can self-cater, be a bit more sensible than usual with my food, without making myself miserable with everyone around me indulging. I was hoping to have lost a stone and half by then. Planned to be sensible, but not a saint and allow for putting the half stone back on, getting straight back onto TS the morning we get back.

Only now I don't seem to be losing the weight fast enough to meet my first target or even a stone's loss at this rate and I'm wondering what other people would do. Would you just stick to the plan to be mostly sensible, with a couple of indulgences over the festival weekend or be strict and take your shakes and shaker with you?

It costs us such a lot of money to go and is a very rare chance for me to get out and enjoy myself, in fact it's a once a year chance really. I don't want to spend the whole weekend miserable and jealous of everyone else's meals.
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Hi and welcome :)

with regards to the first question, it could be water retention. I have read today that being unwell can cause you to retain and so can painkillers. So that could be the explanation, once you are feeling better you will probably have a great loss.

With regards to question 2, I would say that is personal preference. I would have it as a planned break then get straight back on it but it depends how you feel about it. I, like you, have a holiday booked for the 1st July and have a target I would like to hit before then, but, I am not sure I will get there but will accept that, I am not drinking shakes on holiday and I am prepared that I will put weight on.
I think you will have to see how you feel, maybe do 2 meal packs and then a sensible choice for dinner?

Hope this helps
Natalie x


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Thank you so much for replying, so sorry it's taken me so long to get back here, it's been a ridiculously busy week.

I think you were right about the water retention. After 48 hours without the codeine it suddenly started to shift. I lost 4lbs over the next couple of days and I've dropped 5 1/2 lbs so far this week, with my weigh in day being next Monday. Just 1 1/2 lbs to go now until I've lost the first stone. Such a relief!

I have bought some dhal pots and bars for my weekend away, as we'll be in a vintage caravan without electric hook-up, so no microwave.

I'm actually leaning towards just enjoying myself without going over the top and try to stick to low carb as much as possible, I know it will cause a gain, but I have to see this as a sustainable process, as I don't want to end up giving up and this is literally a once a year event/opportunity for me. I'm thinking perhaps an omelette or sausage and egg for breakfast and doing things like have the burger or sausage without a bun at the BBQ.

Lunches seem to be the hardest to plan for, especially as we traditionally have fresh baked baguettes with yummy fillings, so I may have a bar instead of lunch, but will take a view on that, depending on how miserable it makes me watching everyone else eating a lovely picnic. I'm hoping to buy a low carb loaf of bread to take with me, so at least I can have a sandwich if I'm not happy having a bar.


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That's ok, I know life is busy.

Well done on the weight loss, you are doing really well!

I have had a planned day off today for a birthday celebration and just enjoyed what I wanted to eat, I will get back on it tomorrow and refuse to feel guilty, I don't have a week off every 4 weeks and like you say this has to be sustainable and fit in with life.

Enjoy whatever you do