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*takes a deep breath*

Hi Storm

How much do you have to lose? I had 6 and a half stone and I found it useful to take one day at a time. Every day I managed to stick to it was a major victory and every time I felt hungry I thought 'just hold out until tomorrow'. That really worked for me and I've now done almost 19 weeks SSing. At the start it seems insurmountable, but if you break it into manageable chunks and just get on with your life...you can do it. I wish I had discovered VLCDs years ago. Dieting's best kept secret! Good luck , oh and I found the Marigold Bouillon a godsend when I was peckish. And making poppadoms from soup satisfied my need to chew!
Thanks Frejja

I have around 3.5 stone to lose.... My god! You've done so well!!!

Yeah, think I do need to break things down. Most diets I'm full of motivation for around a week, then I start to pick... and it's down hill after that!

Need to stay strong this time, and do it!
Hi Storm
3.5 stone can disappear in no time on CD! The great thing is once you get into ketosis after 3-4 days, you should stop feeling hungry. I was a basket case until I got into ketosis; I was starving and crying just about every day, then suddenly it gets easy! The worst thing on these diets is the effect on your social life....I just cancelled everything I could and changed dinner nights out to theatre nights out so i didn't have the agony of watching other people eat! I have to say, after 19 weeks I am sick of drinking water...lol!
Hi Storm

I've lost nearly 3 stone and by the end hope to have lost 3 1/2 stone so you are in a similar position to how i was. I kept a journal with me during the first 4 weeks - i continually wrote in it during the day just listing reasons why i wanted to lose the weight, little mantras such as "you can do it" and how i was feeling etc. I stopped writing it after 4 weeks but it definitely helped.

I didnt take measurements but i would suggest you do as sometimes you lose inches but not pounds and that can help to motivate you.

I took a before photo and although it was pretty painful it is great to now do the comparison!

It does get easier as time goes by but after my aam week i only did one more week of SS. By that time i'd had enough of ss and really needed some food! My BMI was nearly 25 so infact i had to move up to the 790 plan anyway. That really helped and i've continued to do that plan up until 2 weeks ago when i started to introduce some fruit.

From tomorrow i will probably go on to the 1000 plan to get the last few pounds off.

Believe me, I've done every single diet on this planet and this has been the easiest and most effective one. You can do it hun xxx


I will get to goal .....

This diet is so easy - all you need to do is not eat!! LOL easier said than done I know. Just a matter of retraining your brain!

For me I just keep telling myself all the reasons I have decided to follow this plan and remind myself of them regularly. I have also found when I am feeling weak over food (ie. BF's chinese last night) I ask myself whether I really want to eat it and so far the answer has been NO. Why would I really want to put all that grease, MSG, carbs & sugar in my bod?? I'm trying to shift the lbs not put them on!!

Best of luck - drink loads of water and do whatever you need to do to keep the hunger gremlins quiet -except eat of course.



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I think the main thing is that you have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight. You need to not only want to lose the weight but want it more than you want anything else and be resolute about losing it. Don't cheat is probably the best tip - a lot of people who cheat find it very difficult to get back to being on SS so best to give everything to following the diet to the letter.

Keep plugging away and come on here and look at the inspirational stories of others if you think you are about to falter.
I agree with sweetpea - for me the most important thing is that my head is in the right place to do it.

You have to really, really want to lose weight and not just think you should. I've done CD a few times now and when my head is positive I sail through SS. The times I struggle most is when it's TOTM and when my head thoughts go haywire.

Don't cheat whatever you do, because it is so, so hard to get back to SS if you do. Everyone keeps saying it and it's so true "YOUR FIRST TIME IS GOLDEN TIME - MAKE THE MOST OF IT"

Good luck with your SS journey. Get through the first few nightmare days, drink loads of water and the weight will fall off you - guaranteed :D:D
Thanks for all your replies!!

Looking at your advice think I'm gonna focus on 2 things for now:

1. My reasons for doing this and how losing weight will benefit me... (gonna make a HUGE list later!)
2. Not cheating at all.

2 simple things... that's my focus.... 2 simple things and a day at a time.

Thank you everyone ;)


I will get to goal .....
Hey hun,

If you stick in this frame of mind you'll find this a breeze. Baby steps and lots of mini-goals will keep you on track ;)
Ok.... my first mini goal:

I'll be getting weighted on Monday so only have 4 days on SS. I'm now at 12st 2lbs. So would like to get under 12st... hopefully by Monday!

Small goal I know... but it's my first. Have been trying to get under 12st for months! Hopefully CD will get me there this time!


I will get to goal .....
Great plan Storm_Survivor ... little goals but often is the key to staying on track. You will be under 12st by Monday - my crystal ball says so ;)
I'm only on day 8 but wouldn't have made it this far if hadn't kept setting myself tiny goals :D I think of CD as mind game, my body is clearly getting on with the weight loss, but it's my brain that chucks up all the doubts. So by overcoming those doubts and proving myself wrong all the time I'm getting there little by little! Iykwim!!

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